protective coating / epoxy / polyurethane / for metal
1070 series

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protective coating protective coating - 1070 series


  • Function:


  • Material:

    epoxy, polyurethane

  • Applications:

    for metal, for concrete, for wood


Polyurea AL 1070 (Aliphatic)
Akfix Polyurea AL 1070 is a %100 solid, fast curing, 2 component, UV resistive, aliphatic pure polyurea system. Its formulation is designed for maintaining high color stability and preventing discoloration where surfaces are exposed to sun light continuously. While it can be directly used on most surfaces, it also can be used as a top layer on epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea. After fully cured, it forms a coating material with high tensile strength and abrasion resistance. For protection and coating purposes, it can be applied on concrete, metal, wood, ceramic and PU foam. It can form strong films in wide variety of thicknesses. The material must be applied utilizing high pressure, heated plural component spray proportioning equipment.

Polyurea PA 1070 Polyaspartic Soft
Two component, rapid curing, UV resistant, Excellent color stable new generation polyaspartic based polyurea surface coating system for both decorative and protective applications. On account of the UV and color fast properties, it is ideal for use as thin layer coating and clear topcoat sealer for surface protection on existing coating systems. After the product is completely cured, it forms a glossy, smooth top layer with high scratch, abrasion and chemical resistance. Polyaspartic system can be applied in a single or multiple coats by roll, brush or squeegee to a variety of substrates including concrete and metal.