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HB400, HB420

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waterproof coating waterproof coating - HB400, HB420


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HB400 Waterguard Liquid Flashing Hybrid
Liquid Flashing Hybrid is a hybrid polymer based, an all-purpose, fluid applied flashing used to create a weather resistant, fully adhered waterproof barrier system around window and door installations.

• Does not contain solvent, silicone, bitumen or isocyanate.
• Easy to use trowel application.
• No mixing needed and primer required.
• Water and frost resistant.
• Allows substrates to breathe.
• Bonds to multiple materials.
• Can be applied damp surface.
• Prevents membrane wear and tear.
• Low labor cost.

Applications Area
• Indoor and outdoor.
• Vertical and horizontal surfaces.
• Surface restoration of old substrates.
• Foundations, basements and garages.
• Bathroom and wet floors.

HB420 Waterguard Hybrid Roof Detail
Hybrid Roof Detail is a hybrid polymer based liquid flashing compounds for waterproofing of complex roofing details and connections such as pipes, chimneys, lightdomes, gutters etc.

• Does not contain solvent, silicone, bitumen or isocyanate.
• Simple application.
• Forms seamless membrane without joints or leak possibilities.
• Water and frost resistant.
• Provides water vapor permeability.
• Full surface adherence without any additional anchoring.
• Can be applied damp surface.
• In case of damage, membrane can be easily repaired locally within minutes.
• Low labor cost.

Applications Area
The Roof Detail Hybrid is mainly used to waterproof details like;
• Pipes
• Flashings and 90° angles
• Lightdomes
• Chimneys
• Wall-floor connections
• Roofing and gutters
• Photovoltaic systems
• Concrete, mortar, cement screed, wood etc.