pneumatic cylinder / double-acting / with through rod / tie-rod
40 series



  • Type:


  • Technology:

    double-acting, with through rod, tie-rod, magnetic piston

  • Other characteristics:

    standard, with adjustable cushions, stainless steel, steel

  • Stroke :

    Min.: 10 mm

    Max.: 2,500 mm

  • Speed:

    Min.: 10 mm/s

    Max.: 500 mm/s (1.640419948 ft/s)


The Cylinder Series 40 is a high-performance, double-acting cylinder with tie-rods that operate at a pressure of 1-10bar, speeds without load of 10-500mm/sec and temperatures of 0°C and 80°C (dry air -20°C).

This cylinder features a rolled stainless steel AISI 420B (Ø 160-200mm) or chrome-plated steel model (Ø250-320mm) piston rod, both of which are durable and long lasting. The end blocks and piston are aluminum and the tube is anodized for strength. This device is fitted with zinc-plated steel tie-rods, tie-rod nuts and piston rod nut. Suitable mounting includes front flange, rear flange, centre trunnion, front and rear trunnion and swivel combination and strokes range from 10-2m500mm.

This cylinder is designed for fluid filtered air without lubrication, but if lubricated air is used, users should ensure that oil ISOVG32 is used too, and once appliedm never interrupted.