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piling drilling rig / continuous flight auger (CFA) / crawler / rotary
B360 XP



  • Drilling type:

    piling, continuous flight auger (CFA)

  • Mobility:


  • Drilling unit:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Drilling diameter:

    Max.: 1,200 mm

    Min.: 0 mm

  • Drilling depth:

    Max.: 34 m (111'06")

    Min.: 0 m (0'00")


The Casagrande B360 XP in CFA Configuration is a machine dedicated to give the specialist contractor an equipment to perform large diameter rotary piling. It is the result of research and innovation based on over 50 years of experience and success of the company in the fi eld of foundations and geotechnical engineering.

Thanks to the high torque of the rotary head up to 467 kNm (opt.), to the HD kelly bars and a powerful winch, the B360 XP is able to drill quickly deep and large piles in hard soils. The crowd winch with a line pull of 600 kN and the stroke of the rotary head of 19 m will drive

The SPM (Smart Power Management) allows an intelligent engine power management to improve performances and productivity of machinery. The XP technology monitors the istantaneus power fl ows and allocates the full available power to the job duties. The results is an increasing of the machine effi ciency.

The design guidelines have taken particular care in the welfare of the operator and its high level of professional performance. In particular, best results were obtained in terms of ergonomics, both in the cabin and outside of the machine, and with regards to noise reduction.