earth-leakage protection relay / 2 NO/NC / differential / IEC
ELR-61/ELR-m61 - ELR-62/ELR-m62

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earth-leakage protection relay earth-leakage protection relay - ELR-61/ELR-m61 - ELR-62/ELR-m62


  • Measured/monitored value:


  • Contact configuration:

    2 NO/NC

  • Other characteristics:

    differential, IEC, panel-mount, DIN rail

  • Trigger voltage:

    24 V, 48 V, 110 V, 240 V, 415 V


The ELR-61 -Elrm-61 -ELR-62 -Elrm-62 are series of Earth Leakage Relays fabricated inside a particular fenced in area, concurring with DIN Standard, with 6 modules width (module base 17,5mm). The instrument, fitted with channels at the information circuits, is basically invulnerable to outer aggravations, so as the beat momentums with dc segments, conforming to the necessities of VDE 0664 and venture IEC 23 Standards. The discretionary caution characteristic (ELR-62) tripping at 70% of the balanced tripping current, may instruct ahead of time around a need with respect to disengagement circumstance.

An extraordinary normal for the present transfers, is the perpetual control of the Toroidal - ELR circuit. Its interference brings along the prompt outing of the assurance. This permits to recognize the peculiarity, without holding up to the periodical control, made with the Test push catch.