acrylate adhesive / for metal / for plastics / glass

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acrylate adhesive / for metal / for plastics / glass acrylate adhesive / for metal / for plastics / glass - DELO PHOTOBOND


  • Chemical composition:


  • Product applications:

    for metal, for plastics, glass, for ceramics

  • Number of components:


  • Technical characteristics:

    elastic, UV-polymerized, light-cured, visible light-cured

  • Field:

    for electronics, for bonding, for the automotive industry, for displays, for photovoltaic applications, for glass


Light-curing adhesives make gluing joints invisible
Light-curing adhesives are single-component, reactive resins that will cure at room temperature when exposed to UV light and/or visible light. Light-curing acrylates are used for adhesion where at least one component consists of translucent material. Here, DELO PHOTOBOND adhesives show a wide range of elasticity, from very flexible over tension-equalizing to tough – for a variety of needs when creating lasting bonds. In production, curing within seconds supports short cycle times – great for challenging efficiency goals!

In addition, DELO offers LED curing lamps that have been especially developed. Combined with our light-curing adhesives, they enable fast curing and reliable processing at the same time.

Single-component light-curing adhesive
Curing with visible or UV light
Bonding of different materials (glass, ceramics, metals, and plastics)
Suitable for bondings with high requirements to the finished product's aesthetics
Wide range of elasticity