1-axis accelerometer / capacitive

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1-axis accelerometer / capacitive 1-axis accelerometer / capacitive - 7504A2


  • Number of axes:


  • Technology:


  • Acceleration range:

    49 m/s² (161 ft/s²)

  • Frequency:

    Max.: 600 Hz

    Min.: 0 Hz


The Dytran model 7504A2 is a greater accuracy independent axis variable capacitance (VC) accelerometer accessible with a range of 5g. These high high performance accelerometers merge the in-built VC accelerometer chip with increased drive, reduce impedance buffer for for low level acceleration measurements.

This product is custom-made for zero-to moderate frequency applications and consist of a low end frequency reaction of 0 Hz (DC) and upper frequency range of 600 Hz. This module comprises a MEMS capacitive sensing component , a tailor-made in-built circuit amplifier and variable output wrapped in a robust aluminium body that weights 20 grams.

Unit implements an essential 5-foot cord housing terminating to flying leads and can be smoothly mounted through two 10-32 screws. On board control is offered to lower the impact of supply voltage difference while the model 7504A2 is comparatively unfazed by temperature changes and thermal gradients.