MEMS accelerometer / single-axis / capacitive



  • Number of axes:


  • Technology:

    MEMS, capacitive

  • Acceleration range:

    3,923 m/s² (12,871 ft/s²)

  • Frequency:

    Min.: 0 Hz

    Max.: 2,000 Hz



The Dytran model 7300A8 is a high precision single axis variable capacitance (VC) accelerometer available with a range of 400g with a 4-pin 1/4-28 radial connector. These high performance accelerometers combine an integrated VC accelerometer chip with high drive, low impedance buffer for low level acceleration measurements.

Tailored for zero-to-medium frequency applications, the model 7300A8 features a low end frequency response of 0 Hz (DC) and upper frequency range of 2,500 Hz. This module contains a MEMS capacitive sensing element, a custom integrated circuit amplifier, and differential output, packaged in a rugged aluminum housing weighing 12 grams. Units are easily mounted via two 8-32 screws. On board regulation is provided to minimize the effects of supply voltage variation, and the model 7300A8 is relatively insensitive to temperature changes and thermal gradients.