centrifugal fan / extraction / drying / backward curved
30 000 Pa | CFH series



  • Configuration:


  • Function:

    extraction, drying

  • Other characteristics:

    backward curved, high-flow, direct-drive, steel, stainless steel, industrial

  • Air flow:

    400,000 m³/h (14,125,866.69 ft³/h)


Elektror presents CFH high-pressure, centrifugal blower. It can offer air flows of up to 400,000 m³/h (6,700 m³/min) and pressure difference of up to 30,000 Pa. Drive can be direct-, coupling, or belt-type. It also allows frequency converter operation. The impellers have backward-bent blades. Housing and impellers can be either steel or stainless steel.

CFH allows several connection options. These type of fans are always designed as per project specifications.