hydraulic press line / stamping / double-action / blank



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  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    fully-automatic, blank, transfer, double-action


The manufacture of large parts, mainly for car bodywork, requires the use of various presses by means of which the different part-forming operations are carried out.

The line has a stamping press, either double action or single action, aided by a cushion and a number of subsequent presses, depending on the number of operations needed to manufacture the parts.

At present, the lines are totally automated, and the blank-loading operations, carried out by a blank destacker and transfer between presses, by either robots or other means, are no longer manual.

Other aspects characterising today’s press lines are: speed of product line change (moving bolsters, quick clamping, quick die coupling, etc…), ease of maintenance, and ergonomics. All these are advances which make our present installations truly outstanding.