temperature monitoring system / flow / dust concentration and opacity / pressure
2000B Series



  • Type:

    temperature, flow, dust concentration and opacity, pressure, humidity

  • Applications:

    measurement, gas, dust, GPS, CO2, for gas photoactivity, (CEMS) continuous emission

  • Other characteristics:

    RS485, RS232, Ethernet, GPRS


Continuous Emission Monitoring System

The CEMS-2000 series Continuous Emission Monitoring System is a high-end environmental protection monitoring equipment developed and produced independently by Focused Photonics Inc. (FPI), which is mainly for the flue gas monitoring at the occasions such as various boilers, industrial kilns and waste incineration. The core products are high quality spectrometer gas analyzer and laser dust detection instrument, of which FPI possesses all the intellectual property rights.

CEMS-2000 B S series measure SO2,NOx by thermal wet method and measure O2 by zirconia method. CEMS-2000 B F series are added by condensation device and COx module based on CEMS-2000 B S.

System Features

■Two-step measurement, higher accuracy and better performance;

■Full components measurement, all parameters integrated into to a panel mount OMA-2000;

■Higher accuracy, adopting hot-wet process to avoid SO2 being absorbed by condensed water;

■Analysis system connected to the measurement cell by optical fiber, easing installation and maintenance;

■Comparing to conventional condensation method, CEMS-2000s has no moving parts, featuring compact configuration and long maintenance interval;

■Higher reliability and lower ownership, eliminating the use of costly parts such as peristaltic pump, diaphragm pump and condensation system;

■ Gas analysis uses the UV spectroscopy technology, which can deal with the negative effect on measurement from water and dust;

■Adopt unique filter to reduce dust more effectively and improve the blowback significantly, in turn obtain a longer maintenance interval.