temperature monitoring system / flow / concentration / humidity
2000B Hg

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temperature monitoring system / flow / concentration / humidity temperature monitoring system / flow / concentration / humidity - 2000B Hg


  • Type:

    temperature, flow, concentration, humidity

  • Applications:

    measurement, gas, mercury, for environmental analysis

  • Other characteristics:

    RS485, wireless, RS232, real-time, Ethernet, continuous


Continuous Emission Monitoring System

The CEMS-2000B Hg Continuous Emission Monitoring System measures vaporizable mercury in the form of element and ion, which applies on the occasions such as various boilers, cement and waste incineration. It conforms to US EPA CRF40 part 60 PS12A regulations.

The core products are high quality spectrometer gas analyzer and laser dust detection instrument, of which FPI possesses all the intellectual property rights. Designed with cold vapour atomic fluorescence spectroscopy (CVAFS) technology, CEMS-2000B Hg can measure Hg concentration within 0.05µg/m3.

System Features

■Convenient to measure elemental, ionic and total mercury;

■Standard 1:40 dilution ratio

■Sampling dilution is directly at the probe, eliminating interference with any other sample;

■Dilution probe avoids ingress of flue gas moisture and other contaminant interference into
the analyzer, in favour of the detection limit below to 0.05µg/m3;

■Extremely wide range of measurement from 0.05µg/m3~500µg/m3;

■No requirement of gold & mercury amahgamation, ability to do online continuous monitoring;

■Maintenance free for no chemical reagent requirement;