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The Gamewell-FCI Velociti® Series, MCS-ACCLIMATE2F
sensor is an analog, addressable, multisensing,
low-profile sensor designed for use with the
Gamewell-FCI analog addressable fire alarm control
The MCS-ACCLIMATE2F sensor uses a combination
of photoelectronic and thermal sensing technologies
that are designed to increase immunity to false
alarms. Unlike traditional addressable devices, the
MCS-ACCLIMATE2F sensor has a microprocessor in
the sensor head that processes alarm data. As a
result, the MCS-ACCLIMATE2F sensor automatically
adjusts its sensitivity, without requiring operator intervention.
Areas where the MCS-ACCLIMATE2F sensor is
especially useful include office complexes, schools,
college campuses, manufacturing and industrial facilities,
and anywhere else where the use of a particular
area may change. One day a conference room,
tomorrow a kitchen, the next day a copy machine
room — the MCS-ACCLIMATE2F sensor auto