remote access communication router / data / Ethernet / LAN
REX 100 WAN / 700-875-WAN01



  • Type:


  • Network:

    Ethernet, LAN, internet, WAN, IP, IP Gateway, TCP/IP

  • Mounting:

    DIN rail

  • Number of ports:

    4 ports

  • Other characteristics:

    firewall, with VPN, with I/O

  • Applications:

    industrial, network, for IoT applications, for the automobile industry, for remote PLC maintenance, for remote access, for mobile applications, M2M


The REX 100 routers are systematically designed to operate in conjunction with the myREX24 V2 portal: All programming and remote maintenance is carried out exclusively through the portal.
With the digital inputs, alarms can be sent via the myREX24 V2 portal as SMS and e-mail.
The USB host port present in all devices enables the connection of USB devices (e.g. programming port of a drive) via the remote maintenance tunnel (USB-over-IP).

The REX 100 WAN is equipped with a WAN port with which the connection to the myREX 24 V2 portal is established. Additional Ethernet participants can be connected at the router to the other available RJ45 ports via the integrated 3-port switch. For data transmission, our industrial router uses an encrypted VPN tunnel on the basis of the secure OpenVPN protocol.

Integrated firewall
Digital inputs for establishing a connection and issuing alarms
Space-saving compact size
Integrated 3-port LAN switch
Secure OpenVPN remote maintenance access via myREX24 V2 portal