turntable stretch wrapper / automatic / pallet / with conveyor



  • Type:


  • Operating mode:


  • Product applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    with conveyor

  • Height:

    2,400 mm

  • Length:

    1,200 mm


The Senior-B model, engineered by ICMI, is an automatic turntable stretch wrapper that consists of a 2000 kg weight. It is equipped with a remote control and a round turntable with a powered roller conveyor. The turntable has a diameter measurement of 1650 mm and it provides users a variable speed on its carriage. Moreover, a Siemens S7-200 programmable PLC and a harmonics suppressor line filter is given.

This ICMI automatic turntable stretch wrapper is capable of an automatic pallet height detection photocell with its water resistant dual wrapping cycle. It also highlights an independent programmable reinforcement real laps from the top to its bottom. In addition, an optional non driven roller conveyor can be added to its outfeed.