stainless steel thermostatic bath / digital display / heating / laboratory
ICC basic pro 9



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    stainless steel, digital display

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  • Temperature:

    Max.: 150 °C (302 °F)


IKA facilitates the configuration of your temperature control system by offering “ready for connection“ packages with all necessary accessories.

Package includes ICC basic compact immersion circulator
IB 9 pro stainless steel bath (size S)
BS.ICC small bridge

total: 374 x 377 x 388 mm
bath opening: 195x 100 mm *
max. bath opening: 230 x 121 mm **
Immersion depth. 85 mm–125 mm

*Dimensions to set plate at the bottom of bath.
** Maximum bath opening dimensions at the upper edge of the bath

Max. temperature in the stainless steel bath (“pro” series): 150 °C

Technical data relates to the temperature control instrument included in the package

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