paint hose / PUR / flame-retardant / self-extinguishing



  • Use:

    for paint

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    flame-retardant, self-extinguishing

  • Inner diameter:

    Max.: 10 mm

    Min.: 2 mm

  • Outer diameter:

    Max.: 14 mm

    Min.: 4 mm

  • Pressure:

    16 bar (232.06 psi)

  • Temperature:

    Max.: 130 °C (266 °F)

    Min.: -35 °C (-31 °F)


Self-extinguishing in cas of fire
Fluorine and halogen free
Free of paint adhesion inhibitors
High abrasion and chafing resistance
Listed from V2 to VO in combustibility class UL94V
Operating temperature: -35°C up to +130°0
Operating pressure: see data in article table
Tolerances: ±0,1 mm outside and ±0,1 mm inside
For industrial automation, good resistance to
welding splashes and flying sparks, hydrolysis-
resistant and resistant to microbes