video corpo

hardened steel shaft / universal joint / drive / telescopic
S series



  • Material:

    hardened steel

  • Type:

    universal joint, drive, telescopic

  • Product applications:

    for hot mills, industrial

  • Other characteristics:

    tempered, single, with flange

  • Torque:

    Max.: 35,000 Nm (25,814.6752

    Min.: 0 Nm (0

  • Diameter:

    Max.: 204 mm

    Min.: 52 mm


The S Series is the basic version of Voith universal joint shafts. It has been de­signed for small- to medium-sized drives. The connection flanges are friction flanges.

In building the S universal joint shafts, we use high-strength tempered and case-hardened steels that assure a very good capability to withstand static and dynamic loads. The universal joint shafts have high torque capacity combined with optimal bending and torsion rigidity.

Our experts choose the universal joint shaft that precisely matches your application. We don't just consider the load data of the universal joint shaft, we also look at the resonance ranges that are critical for flexure and torsion. Your universal joint shaft is operationally reliable and has a long lifetime. Low maintenance costs further im­prove the life cycle costs of your machine or system.

If necessary, we can adapt the design layout of our universal joint shafts to your drive and operating conditions. Torque capacity is high even at large deflection angles. The capability of all components of the universal joint shaft is optimized to withstand high static and dynamic loads. The bearing eyes are closed, journal crosses are drop forged, and the roller bearings exhibit the highest load carrying capacity. Your universal joint shaft is operationally reliable, less sensitive to vibration stress and is de­signed to have long lifetime. This reduces the life cycle costs of your machine or system. Less downtime increases productivity.