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indexable insert drill bit / multi-purpose / carbide / coated



  • Type:

    indexable insert

  • Drilled material:


  • Drill bit material:


  • Other characteristics:

    coated, high-performance

  • Diameter :

    Min.: 9.5 mm

    Max.: 114 mm


Spade drills by Karnasch with exchangeable solid carbide/powder steel cutting heads
The premium quality spade drills with quick-change function for quick exchanging of the cutting heads. Particularly suitable for CNC machines such as pillar drilling machines or radial drilling machines.

Reduce your costs per drilling with Karnasch spade drills and increase the efficiency of your production. Karnasch's range of spade drills is the efficient solution for drilling with exchangeable cutting heads. Karnasch spade drills are highly efficient drilling tools with outstanding performance parameters in terms of tool life and production tolerance. Spade drills replace the outdated drilling technology of drilling tools consisting entirely of HSS / HSS-Co cobalt / powder steel and represent an excellent addition to the range of solid carbide drills.