unalloyed steel drill bit / for steel / for stainless steel / for aluminum



  • Drilled material:

    for plastics, for stainless steel, for aluminum, for brass, for copper, for steel, for unalloyed steel

  • Drill bit material:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, short, through-hole, step

  • Diameter :

    Min.: 2 mm

    Max.: 12 mm


Karnasch subland step drills with specially developed cutting geometries

Karnasch Professional Tools subland step drills are available in HSS-XE- and HSS-XE TITAN-TEC versions.

The HSS-XE subland step drills are made of high quality special steel "XE" for significantly longer tool lives as compared to HSS steels. The TITAN-TEC coated subland step drills also considerably increase tool lives, even during dry machining (without or with only minimal cooling).

Due to the wide range of subland step drills, nearly all steels that are difficult to machine, such as stainless and acid-resistant stainless steels, non-ferrous and light metals, cast iron and many more, can be used.

-Diameter ranges from M2 to M12
-Counterbores 90°, 180°
-Especially suitable for drilling with simultaneous sinking into profile material
-Specially developed TITAN-TEC Beschichtung
-Subland step drill 90° DIN 8374, DIN 8378
-Subland step drill 180° DIN 8376
-Especially suitable for NC machines due to high positioning accuracy, best centering properties and high stability
-Very stable and narrow concentricity tolerances between drill and countersink diameters guarantee exact alignments