multiple-disc clutch / pneumatic

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multiple-disc clutch / pneumatic multiple-disc clutch / pneumatic


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Mach III makes multi-disc industrial friction clutches which are either spring released or air engaged friction clutches where the application of air pressure is directly proportional to the torque transmitted. In the absence of air pressure the separation is done by the springs so as to avoid transmission of torque. In the spring engaged and air released type of clutch a constant torque is transmitted and air pressure applied to release the clutch and by overcoming the spring pressure. Mach III multi-disc friction clutches can be mounted by through and end of shaft pilot mount.

A sprocket, v-belt sheave or a pulley mounted on the pilot of the shaft of clutch and connect with multi-disc friction clutches. A gear, bearing mounted pulley or other coupling components can be connected by multi-disc friction clutch mechanisms through a fully supported shaft. Two fully supported shafts which are in parallel or precise angular alignment can be connected through couplings by multi-disc friction clutch.