analog joystick / Hall effect / 4-way / 2-axis
MO 395 H4X



  • Technology:

    analog, Hall effect, 4-way, 2-axis, 3-axis

  • Applications:

    for remote control, for medical applications, for motorized stages, for assistive technology

  • Other characteristics:

    with buttons, IP67, IP65


MO 395.H4X Mini Joystick Power

Technology: Contactless Hall Measuring Principle
Supply Voltage: 8-32 VDC
Input / Output Options:
- Grip I/O: up to 1 Button
- Power: 4 Prop. PWM 0.1-1kHz or ON/OFF outputs (2A/ch)
Protection: IP65 (with connector) or IP67 (with wire)
Safety: Redundant Sensor
Lever Operating Angle: ±20˚
Lever: Self Centering
Connector: 12 pin
Operating Temperature: -40˚C ... +85˚C
Lifetime at Full Stroke: 5 Million Cycles
Other Specification: Two centering springs
*Options: Customized output signal program