mini excavator / crawler / Tier 2 / construction
M-18 BE



  • Size:


  • Locomotion:


  • Engine type:

    Tier 2

  • Applications:


  • Operating weight:

    Max.: 1,850 kg (4,078.6 lb)

    Min.: 1,740 kg (3,836 lb)

  • Engine power:

    14 kW (19.03 hp)


* Machine with hydrostatic transmission with orbital motors and planetary drives with negative control brakes. Travel counter - balance valves.
* Engine complies to the norm 97/68/EC, Stage2, relevant to the polluting emissions.
* Original design with reduced overall dimensions with a total bonnet engine protection.
* The sprung and adjustable seat ensures the control of the machine in full security and comfort.
* The bonnet, with a wide opening and the hinged lateral ballasts, priveds full access for an easy servicing.
* The machine can be equipped with a spacious and comfortable cab (optional) with heating system. The cab is in accordance with TOPS antirolling and FOPS antifalling objects Norms.
* Lock of all the pilot assisted controls and of the levers when the armrest is lifted, thus excluding the danger of any undesired and uncontrolled mouvement caused by the accidental push of the control levers and pedals, when getting on and off the machine.
* Second travel speed to be electrically selected to increase travelling speed.
* Extraordinary manoeuvrability due to the employment, on all functions, of pilot assisted controls (lifting, excavation, bucket and torret rotation).