cartridge filter housing / for compressed air
FIL SY series



  • Filter type:


  • Fluid:

    for compressed air

  • Operating pressure:

    13 bar, 15 bar (188.549 psi)


The job of the filter is to retain liquid or solid impurities present in tbe compressed air. The incoming air is moved by the centrifuge unit, so that liquid particles, which are heavier, are projected ogainst the walls of the container and force to odhere to it. As they accumulate, the create drops that deposit on the bottom by gravily.
The remaining solid particles are held back by the porous filtering element. The condensate is maintained in a quiet state to prevent the deposited impurities from re-entering the circulation. The condensate drains out through the drain cock provided.
The RMSA drain discharges when the pressure in the filter drops to zero. Alternatively the condensate can be drained by hand by pressing the button.
The RA drain discharges condensate from the container automatically whenever necessary, regardless of the pressure level.
The SAC tap drains the condensate only as the result of sudden changes in compressed air requests.
On the front and back there is a port 11 /8* for size 1 and 1/4' forsize 2) that can be used with pressure gauges, pressure switches or as an additional filtered air intake.

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