cartridge filter housing / activated carbon / for compressed air
FIL CA SY series



  • Filter type:

    cartridge, activated carbon

  • Fluid:

    for compressed air

  • Operating pressure:

    13 bar, 15 bar (188.549 psi)


Activated-carbon filtering systems ochieve tbe highest standard of purification possible in industrial applications. They eliminate all troces of oils, solvents and hydrocarbons, and remove unpleasant odours.
The operating principle uses activated carbon, which absorbs most of the polluting particles in the air thanks to minute holes in the granules of carbon.
On the front and back there is a port 11 /8* for size 1 and 1 /A' for size 2) that can be used with pressure gauges, pressure switches or as an additional air intake. The air taken from here is not filtered by the activated-carbon cartridge.
Cartridge life and efficiency can be increased by using pre-filtered (5pm) and purified (0.01pm) air.
The cartridge must be replaced at set intervals as there is no difference in load loss between an efficient cartridge and a saturated one.
N.B.: to ensure the performance and duration stated on the data sheet, the lood loss (AP) must not exceed 75 mbar.

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