anti-seize paste / assembly / copper / anti-corrosion
OKS 245



  • Function:

    anti-seize, assembly

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    anti-corrosion, high-temperature


Copper Paste with High Corrosion Protection

Copper paste with high corrosion protection for screws and sliding surfaces that are subjected to high temperatures and corrosive influences such as sea water.

Areas of application

For mounting screwed connections, e.g. at combustion engines, threads on pipe fittings, flange joints and fittings of superheated steam lines, exhaust pipe and combustion chamber screwed connections, gas and oil burner mounting bolts
To prevent burning together, seizing or rusting-on of screwed connections at water influence
Suitable for brake systems of vehicles

Advantages and benefits

Excellently suited for preventing binding of threads exposed to high temperatures, corrosive environments and moisture
Highly effective due to high level of pressure absorption
Excellent corrosion protection
Absolutely resistant to fresh water and sea water
Extremely adhesive

Technical specifications

Operating temperature: -30°C → +150°C/+1,100°C
Press-fit: µ = 0.12, no chatter
Four-ball test rig (welding load): 2,600 N
Thread friction (M10/8,8): µ = 0.15