band saw / for metals / double-column / horizontal
SAR 400



  • Technology:


  • Treated material:

    for metals

  • Other characteristics:

    double-column, horizontal, automatic

  • Circular saw blade diameter:

    Min.: 6 in

    Max.: 16 in


The Protem SAR 400 is an ingeniously engineered bandsaw, specifically geared to deliver a high degree of portability to the machine. Its efficient design allows it to be used in all kinds of surroundings. The machine enables the precise cutting of tubes that are 6" to 16" in diameter.

The SAR 400 is equipped with a useful clamping system which grants excellent versatility to cut various components such as UPN, ventilation sleeves, IPN, etc. The cutting process is accomplished with no lubrication, enabling the machine to perform in all kinds of environs and conditions. It is provided with a 5.5 kW power pack comprising hydraulic power, which allows the machine to be controlled remotely.

A crane jib, crane or heavy carrier is required to handle and operate the machine. It cuts at a low operating temperature of 55° for steel based materials. It is conducive to using under water. The saw band that performs the cutting operation is manipulated with the aid of deflection pulleys. The shifting of tubes is accomplished with the help of guiding rails.

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