plastic chain / roller / lube-free / attachment
Syno PC



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    lube-free, attachment


Renold has added to its impressive Syno range of chain for applications where lubrication is either difficult or impractical.
The latest element is the introduction of a poly-steel chain, Renold Syno PC chain, comprising a polymer inner link and stainless steel pins and outer plates.
With no metal bush or roller there is no lubricant required to facilitate metal-on-metal movement. This opens up applications where the chain could even run submerged in water if required.
This construction also means the chain is corrosion resistant, light weight and versatile. Attachments can be fitted to the outer plates if required.
Key Features
Available in 06B and 08B with ANSI sizes available on request
No lubrication required
Can operate in wet conditions, even submerged
Lightweight construction
Attachments can be added