film cutting device / manually-controlled / ultrasonic



  • Application:


  • Specifications:

    manually-controlled, ultrasonic


Key features:

- Suitable for cutting plastic films, cloths made of soft thermoplastic materials or synthetic fabric.
- Convenient cutter holder with rollers under foot.
- Controlled by a button on the handle.
- The generator automatically adjusts the output power level.
- Ultrasonic cutting allows to seal fabric edge, which prevents fraying.
- The knife is ready for use immediately after the generator is turned on, one has to press a button on the handle and start cutting.
- Ultrasonic cutting is safe with no emissions of cutting fumes such as smoke or toxic fumes from textiles.
- The cutting tip does not need to be cleaned.
- Built-in ventilation prevents generator heating during continuous operation.
- The unit is very energy efficient.
- Power output indicator is on the front panel of the generator.
- Made in Italy.
- 3 year warranty for generator.


- Frequency: 40,000 Hz
- Power: 400 W
- Voltage: 230 V