textile spreading machine / semi-automatic



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  • Applications:

    for textiles


Key features:

- The semiautomatic spreader is a versatile piece of equipment for spreading all types of fabric.
- This machine is equipped with an electronic tension control that allows for spreading elastic fabrics.
- Two modes of spreading: simple and zig-zag.
- Smooth, air-blowing or conveyor belt tables. The smooth and air-blowing tables are modular and allow for extension when needed. Each module is 1.5 m in length.
- Each machine is equipped with a built-in knife sharpener.
- Adjustable cutting height.
- The machine is controlled by a touchscreen panel.
- Cradle lowering system for easy loading of the textiles.
- Automatic threading system for rolling and unrolling of the textiles.
- (OPTIONAL) End catcher (stationary or movable).


Model: UL-4
Maximum weight of the roll: 60 kg
Maximum spreading height: 22 cm (zig-zag: 18 cm)
Movement on the table: MANUAL
Touchscreen: YES
Layer counter: YES
Voltage: 380 V (3-phase)
Tabletops: smooth/airflow/conveyor
Available widths: 180/200 cm
Minimum table length: 4.5 m (2.5 m useable)