dust test chamber

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dust test chamber dust test chamber - SM-SC-500C


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Dust Test Chamber use:
Dust test chamber is suitable for all kinds of auto parts to do dust and dust test,Test parts include a light.Meter.Electric dust jacket.Steering system.Door lock, etc.
Dust Test Chamber Meet the standard:
Sand dust test chamber has a wide range of temperature and humidity control, which can meet the national standard GB4208GB/T2423.37-198
《Basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products》
Dust Test Chamber Test principle:
Sand and Dust Chamber door attached to the window, the door to the lower part of the electrical control area,Simulated sand dust of talc in the lower hopper of the test chamber. Use the of circulating fan and automatic jar will be blown into the upper network studio talcum powder through a 75 micron square hole,The test space form high density dust shape, test specimen.
Sanwood Dust Test Chamber,Sand and dust Test Chamber,Sand and dust Test Chamber,Sand dust Test Chamber,Sand and dust Chamber is exported to Russia, Europe, USA, Canada and so on.
Sand and Dust Ingress Testing Machineis designed according to GB4706, GB2423, GB7000.1, IEC60529,ect standards and meet the IPX5 and IPX6 dust test requirements.