plastic cutting machine / rotary blade / for tubes / manually-controlled



  • Material:

    for plastics

  • Technology:

    rotary blade

  • Product handled:

    for tubes

  • Control type:


  • Applications:

    PP PE tube

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, orbital, high-precision


The TRK/FA is a full auto planetary saw from SICA. This instrument is designed for cutting with circular blade rigid pipes. The tool is also applicable with automatic diameter change capabilities, directly in an extrusion line. The device features an automatic format change system, and an electromechanical measuring tool that tracks the speed of the pipe.

The TRK/FA adjusts the the cutting length and identify variations in the diameter. The machine pinpoints and removes the conical section of the pipe and configures itself to the new format. The equipment's hydraulically driven cutting arm facilitates pipe cutting by automatically placing itself in accordance with the new format. Its clamps with rubber pad ensures efficient and uniform grip on the pipes.