profile extrusion line filler and cutting unit / for pipe extrusion lines



  • Applications:

    for profile extrusion lines, for pipe extrusion lines


The combination of the 1 haul-off and 1 saw, in the 2x1 version are used for hauling and cutting or chamfering pipes in ABS, PVC and PP with a high extension speed. The 2 haul-offs and 2 planetary saws from the 2x2 version for double extrusion can be used to serve the same purpose as well. The haul-off with 2 caterpillars with pivoting upper caterpillar that can pneumatically place with the lower chain caterpillar fixed with height and has high friction, low-wear neutral and vulcanized rubber pads. It enables you to work at different extrusion speeds by constantly using the pulling power of the Vector Drive System.

The Cut-off type circular saw with a disc that oscillating downward Synchronization. Cutting units synchronized electronically with the haul-offs' speed. It can produce short pipes at a high rate of productions with a high extrusion speed. It also has an integrated system, the Chip/Dust extraction system that controls the efficiency.
The universal clamps have multiple arms with rubber pads provide grip to the pipes.