profile extrusion line filler and cutting unit / for pipe extrusion lines



  • Applications:

    for profile extrusion lines, for pipe extrusion lines


SICA Haul-Off and Saws with knife combines one or two haul-offs and one or two planetary saws and pulls and cuts/chamfers PP pipes with high extrusion speed. Haul-off has 2 caterpillars, a pivoting pneumatically positioned upper and fixed height, high-friction, low-weight neutral vulcanized rubber padded lower one. The vector drive systems of caterpillars constantly pull at different extrusion speeds. It has a planetary cutting machine saw with a pneumatically operated, floating chamfer system and combined cutting system and unit with two arms - a cutting disc or chamfer mill to partially cut the pipe, and a knife to complete the cut. Chips do not enter the inside cut, and there is a high output chip/dust extraction system.