aluminized sleeve / tubular / fabric / glass
Sewn/Fabricated Aluminised Glass Cloth Sleeving



  • Structure:


  • Material:

    fabric, glass, aluminized


Sewn/Fabricated Aluminised Glass Cloth Sleeving: our aluminised glass cloth sleevings can be fabricated from any weight of aluminium foil or film laminated E glass cloths. They are used to protect components from both radiant and conductive heat sources.

The outer aluminium layer maintains a highly reflective finish with the inner layer of woven glass fibre offering significant thermal insulation. The sleeve is formed by folding the material the edge sewn with an aramid or fibreglass thread.

To minimise fraying the glass fabric is treated with a suitable high temperature resin. The lamination adhesive is rated to 150°C, with E Glass rated to 550°C in its unstressed form.

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