diaphragm vacuum pump / oil-free / single-stage / low-noise level



  • Technology:


  • Lubrication:


  • Number of stages:


  • Other characteristics:

    low-noise level, chemical-resistant

  • Applications:

    for laboratories, for the chemical industry, for pharmaceutical applications, chemical process, for liquid transfer, for recycling, for fuel cells, for mass spectrometry, for distillation, water, for gas, for exhaust gas, air sampling, for the plastics industry

  • Flow rate:

    3.9 m³/h, 4.3 m³/h (137.73 ft³/h)

  • Ultimate vacuum:

    70 mbar (1.02 psi)


The ME 4C NT +2AK is a chemistry vacuum unit engineered by Vacuubrand. The unit is suitable for evacuating and pumping large amounts of gases and vapors. It is used in various applications in chemical, biological and pharmaceutical laboratories.

The system is mainly applied in vacuum ovens, single and multiple filtrations, as well as concentration of solvents with low boiling points. It features a glass inlet separator to retain particles, and liquid droplets. The unit is equipped with an outlet separator that collects condensate and prevents backflow towards the pump. The outlet separator also delivers quiet operation.

The machine is made from materials with resistance to chemical and high vapor. It is constructed in a compact design, and can be used even at low vacuum levels.