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flow switch controller - 115 VAC | FS5000

The FS5000 Flow Switch Controller is designed for use in applications that require flow/no-flow...

pressure controller - ±20 ... ±50 Pa | RLE 150 series

How energy efficiency is improved
Efficient room pressure control in airtight rooms without pressure compensation openings. Reduces primary energy consumption.


electronic power regulator / SSPC - max. 10 V, 4 - 20 mA | ESL 116, 125 series

How energy efficiency is improved
Through the output signal (pulse pause) it is ensured that, in spite of continuous control, a higher degree of efficiency is provided by the system.

Areas of application

elevator PLC - max. 16 V, 2.5 A | CAA480A

Connected to the E-Bus of the CTV900A controller, the CAA480A...

elevator PLC - max. 5 V, 28 mA | CAA482P

The CAA482P has 16 floor-selection inputs, one for each floor-control relay of the CAA480A lift controller.

evacuation control unit for elevators - max. 12 V, 300 mA | C14DA

Ideal for lift management.

energy management unit - Suntrol eManager

The Suntrol eManager is SolarWorlds system for intelligent and intuitive home automation ‒ it can be controlled from within the home, via the Internet or using a smartphone when youre on the go.

The Suntrol eManager enables the user to check how much electricity...

energy management unit - Suntrol eManager

The Syntron® Vibrating Feeders offer a broad range of different controls. The standard manual controls and automatic control systems are also available. These type of controllers provide an...

controller for electromagnetic vibratory feeders - Syntron®

The Heavy-Duty Feeder by Synthron requires a separate controller from all other feeders. The device is flexible and reliable which sets it apart...

pressure controller - 1/2

Wall-mounting pressure control panels
For non-corrosive industrial gases
Ergonomically designed
Modular design (to be extended to 2, 3 etc. cylinders)
Filter at the process gas inlet valve
Central filter in the regulator
Regulator with high control accuracy
Shut-off-valves with On/Off position indicators
Process gas and purge...

pressure controller - 1/8

Product features

Wall-mounting pressure control panels for acetylene
Designed for easy installation

pressure controller - 1/2 - 3/4

Pressure control panels for high flow rates
For non-corrosive industrial gases
Ergonomically designed
Modular design (to be extended to 1x2, 1x3, 2x2, 2x3 etc. cylinders)

pressure controller - 3/4

Wall-mounting pressure control panels for acetylene
Designed for easy installation

pressure controller - 1/2

Pressure control panels with automatic change-over function for high flows
For non-corrosive technical gases
Single-stage type with compensated main valve
Modular design (to be...

pressure controller - 1/2

The Master Control system generates the current reference for both converters and initiates the starting and stopping...

protective control system / monitoring / sub-station - 100 - 125 V | X GIPAM

X GIPAM is next generation intelligent device having IEC 61850,...

protective control system / monitoring / sub-station - max. 480 W, 5 kV | GIPAM 2000 series

GIPAM-2000 series are multifunction microprocessorbased protection...

protective control system / monitoring / sub-station - GIPAM-2200 series

GIPAM-2200 series are multifunction microprocessorbased protection...

protective control system / monitoring / sub-station - GIPAM - 115FI

GIPAM-115 Digital Integrated Protection & Monitoring Equipment GIPAM is a multifunction, microprocessor-based...

touch screen weighing controller - Forklift

The Forklift is manufactured by Esterline and is a projected surface touch screen control...

control panel for medical devices - IP65

The Esterline offers this control panel constructed in IP65-compliant framework. This panel is suitable for utilization in...

control panel for medical devices - IP65

The Ultrasound Control Panel, manufactured by Esterline, is effectively developed through integrating the package process and interface...

control panel for ultrasound medical devices - USB

This ultrasound control panel is used in ultrasound medical devices constructed with numerous...

control panel for medical devices - X-Ray

This innovative re-conception of a product which already has FDA-approval includes a new joystick...

energy management unit DIN rail - SOLARGEST KIT

THE SOLARGEST KIT is a new and innovative remote management product designed to control and administrate single or three phase direct/indirect photovoltaic installations by means of the widespread and economical transmission technology (SMS).

Advises when there is no energy production in sunlight:
Thanks to the solar radiation sensor and the power meter, the system can analyse if...

energy management unit DIN rail - XEO LUM MODULAR

The Xeo Lum Modular provides the option to incorporate a tele-management system when this is required for installations with or without a dimmer-stabiliser, whether from ESDONI or other manufacturer.

The Xeo Lum Modular can be adapted to any existing control centre because of its nine-module...

remote management system - XEO LUM

The XEO LUM system combines the most advanced tele-management with the efficiency of ESDONI high-performance dimmer-stabilisers, producing a highly versatile system for municipal public lighting control. All the collected information shall be held within the system...

remote management system - max. 20 VA, IP 51 | ORBICOM, NODITEL

The remote management system for electrical boards is a product intended to perform the functions of measurement analyser and fault detection, together with the associated remote management using GSM communications in order to complement the offer of flux stabilisers-dimmers. Their principle...

SSPC power regulator / electronic - 10 - 25 A, 28 V DC | PC605 series

The PC605 Series are true COTS, non-hermetic Solid State Power Controllers (SSPCs) designed for use in Power...

SSPC power regulator / electronic - 2 - 10 A, 28 V DC | SSPCB04028 series

This circuit card assembly (CCA) of a four-channel solid state power controller (SSPC) is designed for commercial aviation...

power plant management system - GAC21

Generating plant management system model : GAC21
The GAC21...

power plant control system - TemDCS

"Distributed control system-TemDCS"
This decentralized...

measurement amplifier / water treatment - W100W

Three powerful control outputs make the Walchem W100W a more versatile, high value choice among entry level water treatment controllers.

The W100W series provide...

measurement amplifier / water treatment - WDIS series

WDIS Series controllers will reliably and economically control your water treatment disinfection process.

Designed to be flexible and versatile, the WDIS series controller is the ideal solution for disinfection applications in cooling towers, food and beverage, drinking water, wastewater and swimming pools.


pH controller ORP - WPH, WDP400 series

The WPH/WDP400 Series pH/ORP on-line process controllers are designed for a broad range of industrial, commercial, and municipal water treatment applications. WPH/WDP controllers are easily configured to accurately measure pH or mV (ORP) values from Walchem's WEL and WDS differential combination...

measurement amplifier / water treatment - WIND series

Walchem's WebMaster® Industrial (WIND) Controller sets a new standard for...

remote management system - VTouch® series

The VTouch Account Manager is fully synchronized with Walchem's web based controllers, making set-up and configuration simple and fast. Just specify the type of remote communications...

lifting magnet controller - SSC  series


* Compatible with all electro magnets

Standard Features and Benefits

* Enhanced magnet performance
* Infinitely variable power control available
* Reduced maintenance

controller for electro-permanent magnetic chucks - Smart-B series

The Smart B-Series automatic release chuck control has full,...

controller for electro-permanent magnetic chucks - Smart-C series

The Smart-C Series automatic release chuck control has full, variable...

controller for electro-permanent magnetic chucks - Smart-D series

The Smart-D Series is an automatic release chuck...

controller for electro-permanent magnetic chucks - SVC-1.5

Manual release chuck control. Variable...

screwdriving controller - C20S

The controller was especially designed for our new ASC power drive.
With the C20S you can actuate the ASC by different screwdriving strategies – to meet your application requirements as best as possible.

four lines text display

screwdriving controller - C30S

Controller for Weber EC-Servo drives AEC
7“ touch screen for easier handling and display of menus / screw curves
31 pre-set control strategies
13 diagram types for many different...

screwdriving controller - C35S

Highlight – the integrated PLC:


screwdriving controller - C50S

High performance
Modular design
Freely configurable...

screwdriving controller - CU30

The PLC CU30 for handheld and fixtured screwdriving systems - including our feeding systems.
It allows to scale the system from simple to complex assembly tasks. Thanks to the modular...

control unit for through-beam sensors - 15 000 mm | LV250PCT

* AND-OR Logic
* Cascadable
* Master-Slave Operating Mode
* Teach-In,...

control unit for through-beam sensors - 15 000 mm | LV250PCT

The benefits of AS-Interface such as the simple, cost-saving installation and high degree of flexibility have now established themselves in building automation. Numerous...

control unit for through-beam sensors - 15 000 mm | LV250PCT

The Press-right is a system for measurement. It delivers a complete quality control on the manufacturing process. It is edged to a position transducer...

pressure controller - min. 1000 Hz | CHECK POINT

The Check Point is manufactured by Alfamatic, and is a system that is linked to a specific transducer....

pH controller ORP - C22

The S2 Smart Controller is a device that features the most advanced Multi-Bus architecture by ECD. In addition to this, the design enables customization of up to four inputs, along with six outputs,...

blowdown controller for boiler - Model 61

A trustworthy solution for a full-proof supervision of the surface blowdown rate for industrial and commercial boilers is provided by ECD in the form of the Model 61 Automatic Boiler...

electronic cam controller - CC 8, CC 16

The Cam Controller CC8/CC16 is a Cam switching device which is utilized for rotative and linear applications. Direction-controlled...

electronic cam controller - DNS 20

The Esitron DNS 20 is a cam control device that is suitable for press automation. It can be used...

electronic cam controller - DNS 20

The Galvatek offers an array of devices used in controlling and monitoring fluid levels namely, ENR200-300, ENR200-300, and ETS410. These devices restricts overflow,...

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