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X2 manufactures lifting columns and linear slides, built on our own six sizes of aluminium tubes, which perform a stable, reliable and maintenance free guiding system without any play.

We can make solutions for...

linear guide / heavy-duty - max. 3 700 mm

Our linear slides provide a smooth and quite operation, with high load carrying capacity for all kinds of applications.

By use of stiff tubes, an inner tube as a guide rail, and an outer tube as a guide carriage, a robust guiding system...

linear guide / skate wheel - 38 mm | IDS-38

YITONG IDS (Inlay Dual Shafts Guide System) consists of sliding carriage and rails.
The rails include an aluminum body and two pieces high precision﹑hardened linear shafts that are inlaid into the aluminum body....

linear guide / skate wheel - 25 mm | ODS-25

YITONG ODS (Outlay Dual Shafts Guide System) consists of sliding carriage and rails.
The rails include an aluminum body and 2 pieces high precision﹑hardened linear shafts that are inlaid into the aluminum body.

linear guide / skate wheel - 25 mm | ODS-25

Yitong linear guideway – Compact rails.
Yitong compact rail linear guide system consists of a separated sliding carriage and a guide rail.
The guide rail is made of high quality carbon steel.
The sliding carriage is mounted with three pieces or more high quality LV series track rollers, two rollers are fixed on the...

rodless cylinder guide unit - ø 16 - 25 mm, 1.5 - 8 bar, M5 - G 1/8 | GSU series

This item can be operated safely at pressures ranging between 1.5 and 8 bar, but also at temperatures anywhere...

cylinder guide unit - ø 12 - 25 mm, ISO 6432 | GU1

Ambient temperature min./max. -20 °C / 80 °C


horizontal guide unit / ball bearing / for cylinders - Ø 32 - 100 mm, 50 - 500 mm | 491 series

High quality components with the following characteristics:
- High admissible loads
- Accurate guiding

cylinder guide unit - 25 - 200 mm | CXW series

This 25-200 mm wide slide and ball brushing bearing with shock absorber fixture is a CXW slide unit...

cylinder guide unit / compact - 25 - 100 mm | CX2 series

CX2 slide units provide accurate positioning along with a smooth operation with great force. To meet the requirements of different kinds of applications,...

cylinder guide unit - 25 - 200 mm, ø 10 - 40 mm | M/60100/M series

Norgren Express' Slide Actuator Units are high-grade sliding bearing units which guarantee...

linear guide / low-profile - LEM series

Compact, Low Profile
Table height: 28mm (for LEMC/H/HT, size 25)
Guide mechanism can be...

cylinder guide unit - ø 12 - 100 mm | 45 series

Camozzi guide unit for cylinder, 45 series, has U and H type of construction.

Models 45NUT and 45NHT do no require lubrication. Model 45NHB needs...

self-supporting linear unit - 350 N, 300 - 2 000 mm | L40 series

- High stiffness and deflection resistance
- Up to 30 kg on the carrier
- Patented guidance with recirculating...

linear guide / recirculating ball bearing - 100 - 1 500 mm | LL series

GIMATIC offers the new LL series that consist of easy-to-fit and cost-effective linear...

linear guide / recirculating ball bearing - 0 - 2 000 mm | LMX series

This recirculating ball-bearing guide system has several mounting options with T-nuts. It is available in any length up to 6000 mm and optional kits are available for accessories.

Each rail can...

linear guide / recirculating ball bearing - 0 - 2 000 mm | LMY series

The Linear guidance with recirculating ball-bearings has been engineered by Gimatic. It can be mounted in different ways with T-nuts and is available up to 6000...

linear guide / recirculating ball bearing - 0 - 1 500 mm | LP series

The GIMATIC LP Series of recirculating ball-bearing guide system can fit more than one carrier in each rail, with the carrier made from an aluminum extruded profile. This carrier...

linear guide - 200 - 800 mm/s

Motorized Linear Slides from EZS Series caters to a variety of industrial applications. They are designed in a comprehensive yet non-complex architecture to enable...

linear guide - 400 mm/s

The Motorized Linear Slides (SPV) series is fitted with linear sides with a motorized design, closed...

linear guide / profiled rail - 150 - 1 000 mm | S 40-4 series

The 4-sided S 40-4 system profiles proves an ideal choice for building 3D setups with emphasis on high dimensional stability. Their blend of stiffness in torsion and bending enables to build cantilever constructions. S 40-4 system profiles feature four...

linear guide / profiled rail - 300 - 1 500 mm | S 65-4 series

When building 3D setups which need to have a high dimensional stability, the 4-sided S 65-4 system profiles are the best choice. The building of cantilever constructions is made possible by their stiffness in torsion...

linear guide / skate wheel / heavy-duty - max. 3 m/s, max. 3 500 mm | PS16/25, PS50/76 series

The ORIGA System Plus Guide POWERSLIDE is a roller guide intended for complicated application conditions and...

linear guide / skate wheel / compact - max. 3750 mm, 10 m/s | PL16, PL50 series

The OSP-P,the optimum solution for any application with incomparable system modularity...

linear guide / aluminium - max. 10 m/s | GDL-F series

The GDL-F from Parker is a roller guide designed for precise and quiet operations and is applicable for machine...

linear guide - FlexFit 3345

New expansion 3345 Flex Fit Linear Guide: the 3345 FlexFit Product explanation: The FlexFit is a grouping of an outline and a roller that allows manifold linear movement choices. The linear motion system of Thomas Regout is exclusively planned for an effortless and quick setting...

cylinder guide unit - ø 12 - 25 mm

For optimal alignment and anti-rotational efficiency, the guided units series of DS-DH-DM is the ultimate solution. It has a beneficial effect over...

cylinder guide unit - ø 32 - 100 mm

The guide unit series DS-DH-DM provides optimal alignment and anti-rotation effect in the cylinder connected across it. One can use the guide units separately...

linear guide / skate wheel - max. 10 m/s | GDL series

GDL line guides offer a variety of series and options, high performance smooth guidance and high load carrying capacity for industrial...

short-stroke cylinder guide unit - max. 10 bar | 6101 series

The Heavy Duty Guided Short Stroke Cylinder Series 6101 are compact and are characterized...

short-stroke cylinder guide unit - 300 mm, 125 - 250 N | LDK

As each unit of the novel LDx sequence from SCHUNK, the LDK units are fit with complete encoders by default, which guarantees an outstanding duplicate precision of 0.01 mm for each axis. Irrelevant of being vertical or horizontal...

short-stroke cylinder guide unit - 300 mm, 125 - 250 N | LDK

The Short Stroke Modules LDK by SCHUNK are prepared with absolute encoders by default that gives the best repeat accuracy of 0.01 mm per axis with a static profile and...

linear guide / stainless steel - LTA259

The Three-Axis XYZ Linear Slide Stage from Elliot Scientific features a large...

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