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smoke detector - 0.8 mA, 12 - 33 V | FDL241-9

The one dimensional smoke detector works best in spaces with restricted access and offers quick detection of smoke filled flaming fires in greater ceiling structures such as warehouses, atria or libraries,...

smoke detector / optical - OP720

Siemens' Cerberus PRO fire detectors are suited for any application area, from sterile and delicate environments...

heat detector - HI722

Siemens Cerberus PRO fire detector is especially engineered to provide fast, reliable...

detector - max. 1 999 ppm | testo 317-3

The Testo 317-3 CO monitor provides detection of carbon monoxide in its vicinity and...

detector - 4 - 45 °C | testo 316-1

Testo 316-1 gas leak detector has an optional TopSafe case that secures it from impact and dirt. Testo 316-1...

detector - -20 ... 50 °C | testo 316-3

The Testo 316-3 is a leakage detector for refrigerants. It has high level of sensitivity of 4 g/a and meets the SAE...

heat detector / analog - IP51 | 3308

The analog heat detector 3308 features different modes for compatibility with...

heat detector / analog / explosion-proof / water-proof - IP67, ATEX | 3309

Panasonic's Analog Heat Detector 3309 is part of the company's line of Analog Detecting Devices. It...

smoke detector / heat - IP51 | 4400

The multi detector has low profile housing which contains a photo-electric (optical) smoke detector and a heat detector. The highest...

smoke detector / photoelectric / analog - 12 - 30 V, IP51 | 4401

The photo-electric (optical) smoke detector features low profile housing and unleaded soldering. The highest reliability possible is achieved by the latest IC technology.

A highly efficient optical system...

heat detector - IP51 | 4318

The heat detector 4318 from Panasonic alarms when it exceeds the standard temperature within a certain area, or when the temperature...

heat detector - IP51 | 4318

Fike's Linear Heat Detection (LHD) is a versatile and economical fire detection product. Designed for use in a wide variety of fire and heat detection applications, Fike's LHD cable is particularly suited for harsh environmental conditions, where maintenance access is in...

heat detector - IP51 | 4318

Fike's Linear Heat Detection (LHD) is a versatile and economical fire detection product. Designed for use in a wide variety of fire and heat detection applications, Fike's LHD cable is particularly suited for harsh environmental conditions, where maintenance access is in...

smoke detector / photoelectric - 500, 700 series

The Edwards 500 & 700 series of conventional smoke detectors are 24Vdc photoelectric smoke detectors designed to be connected to UL compatible fire alarm panels, such as the...

smoke detector / ionization - SC10U series

* LED alarm indication
* Sensitivity test feature with use of EC-PST test tool
* Tamper resistant with site selectable lock
* White model...

smoke detector / optical beam - EC5000 series

-Range of 26.25 feet to 330 feet.
-Transmitter and receiver...

smoke detector / photoelectric - SD series

The SuperDuct SD Series duct detectors offers the convenience of modular design plus the power of advanced sensing technology. Available in a two wire version or a four wire version with separate controllers able to serve two detectors, installers have the...

heat detector / analog - 280B-PL series

* Low profile with wide base
* Positive fixed temperature operating indication
* On site testing of rate-of-rise feature

The 280B-PL Series heat detectors offer fixed temperature or combination rate-of-rise and fixed temperature...

heat detector / analog - 280B-PL series

HDL, Heat Detector LICO, Pofessional Heat-, Overheat- and Fire Detector for hazardous areas,...

heat detector / analog - 280B-PL series

Heat Detector and aalrm/release system...

smoke detector / photoelectric / analog - MG-9100

Photo-electric smoke detector utilizes the light scatter sensing principle. It has...

smoke detector / ionization - MG-9200

Ionization smoke detector has twin room ionization chamber to prevent the...

heat detector - MG-9300

Heat detector detects temperature change by temperature-sensitive...

heat detector / smoke - MG-9400

The multi-sensor has a photo-electric smoke detection chamber and a temperature-sensitive...

smoke detector / air duct - MG-1910 series

MG-1910 Mavigard superflow air duct sampling unit is used to detect smoke in ventilation ducts and combines a smoke...

detector - 4 - 20 mA | Model 510R

The 510R model from Nova is an oxygen detector that has developed as a watchdog against accidental dislocation...

smoke detector / optical - RM 3000

DICTATOR electromagnets can be used for many purposes in completely different fields.

A very important sector is the preventive fire protection. In general, fire protection doors have to be closed. But often this is not possible as the closed door would hinder the easy passing or the operating...

smoke detector - RM 2000

The smoke respectively heat detectors are the core of every hold-open system. As soon as one of these devices detects a fire, the power supply of the hold-open system is disconnected and the fire protection...

smoke detector / explosion-proof - DICTATOR RM / WM 3000 EX

WM 2000 heat detectors are used in hold-open systems for fire-protection
doors, except for doors in escape routes where they are not allowed according to the directives of the German Institute of Building and Construction Engineering.

The WM 2000 has been tested according to the European...

smoke detector - 24 V | U5005

The U5005 Smoke Detector is a sensitive, yet rugged, state-of-the-art protection device that is designed for classified areas in hazardous industrial and commercial locations....

smoke detector - ALK-V

Low Profile - Only 2.0" high, including base
Simple and reliable device addressing method
Automatic compensation for sensor contamination

smoke detector / photoelectric - ALG-V

Built-in optical fire test feature
Uses the noise immune Digital...

smoke detector / ionization - AIE-EA

Uses the noise immune Digital Communication Protocol (DCP),...

heat detector - ATG-EA

Simple and reliable device addressing method
Low Profile -...

heat detector / smoke - SLR-835H

Low profile, 2.2" high (with base)
2 or 4 wire base compatibility, relay bases available
135°F latching heat sensor
Heat sensor protected...

smoke detector - 902 - 928 MHz | EN1242

The Inovonics smoke detector transmitter utilizes GE Interlogix technology for long battery life, CleanMe diagnostics and improved styling. The smoke detector transmitter is self-monitoring,...

smoke detector - Model 121

The Model 121 smoke detector is designed for the early detection of fire with in a confined public place. As a roof...

smoke detector / explosion-proof - Model 125

In the event of fire in a building or other structure, such as an oil rig, Health and Safety regulations require that immediate action...

smoke detector - 9.2 mA, 8 - 28 V | FO 1362

A fire is automatically recognised by the FO 1362 and FT 1262 detectors. Remarkable feature of the FO 1362 visual fire detector is its high functional safety and quick smoke recognition. The differential detector...

smoke detector - 58 - 63 °C | FT 1262

FT 1262:
fire detector working on the principle of thermal differential

IC - 2.3 - 5.5 V | A5303

The A5303 is a low-current BiCMOS photoelectric smoke detector circuit with ultra-low standby current and can operate for 10 years powered by inexpensive batteries. This device can be used with an infrared optical chamber to sense light scattered from smoke particles. A networking capability allows units to be interconnected so that if any unit senses...

IC - 6 - 12 V | A5358

The A5358 is a low-current BiCMOS circuit providing all of the required features for a photoelectric type smoke detector. This device can be used with an infrared photoelectric chamber to sense scattered light from smoke particles. A networking capability allows as many as 50 units...

smoke detector / photoelectric / wireless - WZB-SSM703

Independent Photoelectric Smoke detector by battery

Dimension : Φ107*35mm

Input voltage: DC9V battery (regular)

Static current:≤20uA


smoke detector / heat / wireless - WZB-SMT750

Dimension : Φ100*40mm

Photoelectric Smoke and Heat detector,4-wire,network by Relay

Operating voltage: DC9-35V

Standby current: 500uA (relay N.O.) 12mA(relay N.C.)


smoke detector / heat / wireless - WZB-SMT750

100 Series
(Discontinued) Low Profile Detectors
100 Series™...

smoke detector / heat / wireless - WZB-SMT750

100 Series™ Low-Profile Plug-In...

smoke detector / optical beam - FSB series

The System Sensor FSB-200 and FSB-200S are intelligent,
addressable projected beam smoke detectors for protecting
open areas with high and sloping ceilings, and wide-open

smoke detector / ionization - FSI-851

Intelligent Plug-in...

smoke detector / photoelectric / analog - FSP-851 series

Intelligent Plug-in...

heat detector - ø 100 mm, EN 54-5 | FC-DT210

Conventional heat detector (58ºC-8ºC/minute) with an extra fine profile and elegant design....

smoke detector / optical beam - ø 100 mm, EN 54-5, EN 54-7 | FC-DOT230

Conventional optical smoke detector with an extra fine profile and elegant design. It incorporates an indication LED,...

heat detector / smoke - ø 100 mm, EN 54-7 | FC-DOT230

Conventional dual heat & smoke detector with an extra fine profile and elegant design. It incorporates an indication LED,...

smoke detector - 12 - 24 V, 15 mA, 100 x 15 m | FD-DL100

Infrared beam smoke detector that reflects the light in a mirror,...

smoke detector - 24 V, 50 mA, 50 x 15 m | FD-DLA50

Self aligning linear infrared smoke detector with a maximum coverage 50 x 15 metres. Power supply...

heat detector / smoke - EN-54 | FG 326

Product Features Model FG 326

● 2 or 4 wire models
● Dual LEDs for 360°visibility
● Advanced detection and discrimination algorithms

smoke detector - EN-54 | FG 358

Product Features Model FG 358

●Dual LEDs for 360°visibility
● Advanced detection...

heat detector - FG 730

Stand Alone Conventional Heat Detector FG 730

The FG 730 Stand-alone heat detector was designed with precise Microprocessor control integrating both Rate of Rise and Fixed temperature heat detectors. It could be one of the best heat...

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