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femtosecond laser / high-repetition rate - JenLas® D2.fs

The JenLas® D2.fs is a femtosecond laser with optimized performance features for medical applications. Designed for operation at pulse repetition rates as high as 200 kHz combined with perfect beam characteristics, it is capable of generating microstructures...

fiber laser / high UV / hybrid - 0 - 3.5 MHz | Quasar®

>60 W UV (300 µJ) or >45 W UV (225 µJ)
TimeShift™ Technology
High PRF from 0 to 3.5 MHz for fast processing
Robust and reliable for OEM tools

The breakthrough performance of the Quasar series leads the industry with unprecedented highest UV average...

picosecond laser / micro-machining - 355 - 1064 nm | Talisker Ultra

A mid-power level industrial picosecond laser for micro-machining. The Talisker Ultra is available with three (3) wavelengths in a single product, ideal for industrial process development and production.

Talisker Ultra is available as a three-wavelength industrial picosecond laser operating up to 200 kHz. The Talisker Ultra features a mid-powered 16 Watt infra-red amplifier and built-in...

picosecond laser - max. 10 W, 1064 nm, 1000 kHz | RAPID

If you have decided to invest in a high power industrial picosecond laser, this product might be exactly what you are looking for. The first...

picosecond laser / micro-machining - 355 - 1064 nm | Talisker 500/1000/HE

Picosecond lasers are established in range of markets and applications. Their extreme high peak power pulses instantly ablate work-piece materials, leaving a cleanly machined area that does not require a post process...

picosecond laser / micro-machining - 50 W, 1064 nm, 1000 kHz | HYPER RAPID

HYPER RAPID belongs to a family of high power industrial picosecond lasers and they are the better-powered...

picosecond laser - 10 W, 1064 nm, 1000 kHz | SUPER RAPID-HE

If you are looking for an industrial picosecond laser device, that can offer you an average power of 10W when operated at a frequency of 1000kHz,...

femtosecond laser / high-repetition rate - Spirit™

The first characteristic of this product which you will most definitely approve of is the high average power, of more than 8W, along with the high pulse...

picosecond laser - Spirit™

The Spirit (INDUSTRIAL HIGH REPETITION RATE ULTRAFAST AMPLIFIERS) is a state of the art with a high repitition rate unit now offered by Spectra-Physics. It showcases...

femtosecond laser - Integra-C

The Continuum Integra-C is a Sapphire Ultrafast Amplifiers. This device is usually used for for industrial and laboratory...

femtosecond laser - Integra-HE

The Continuum Integra-HE is a Sapphire Ultrafast Amplifier that is equipped with 2 integrated diode-pumped solid state lasers. This device...

femtosecond laser - Odin-II

The ODIN-II is a sapphire amplifier. It is made to have a minimum high order dispersion to obtain clean and high...

Q-switched laser / pulsed - 430 - 593 nm | SX-AC series

Laser Wavelength: 430nm~593nm
Laser Output Power: 1W~100W (Pulse Mode)

Q-switched laser / pulsed - 430 - 593 nm | SX-AC series

The Pulsed Multi-wavelength Laser from LTB Lasertechnik...

picosecond laser - 12 W | CEPHEUS series

The Cepheus is manufactured by Photon Energy, which is an air-cooled ps laser...

diode laser / pulsed - max. 67 MHz | TEC-045

The TEC-045 belongs in the Nanosecond Pulsed Laser CAT Series by Sacher Lasertechnik....

diode laser / pulsed - 750 - 1 630 nm | TEC-047

The TEC-047 CAT Laser is designed with modifiable repetition frequency and pulse width through...

pulsed laser / Q-switched - 1-10μJ / 532nm | MSL-AO-532

Single longitudinal mode pulse green laser at 532nm

All solid state single frequency pulsed laser at 532nm is made features of high power, long lifetime and easy operating, which is used in DNA sequencing, flow...

picosecond laser - 50W, 200kHz - 8MHz

PicoBlade is an Industrial Picosecond that yields an average power of 50 W. It is a power-amplified picosecond...

femtosecond laser / high-repetition rate - 75MHz - 120MHz

The Femtosecond Ti sapphire system uses the pumped in with the integrated green laser and it comes in the industrial package with turnkey operation and sealed cavity.
The wave length can be defined by the user and it ranges...

picosecond laser - 10W, 50MHz - 400MHz

The Cheetah-X model engineered by Time-Bandwidth Products, is a picosecond laser that features a 10 W average...

picosecond laser - 15W, 50kHz - 8MHz

The Duetto device functions through the MOPA laser system. The system provides high pulse energy with...

picosecond laser - 45W, 50MHz - 100MHz

The Argos model engineered by Time-Bandwidth Products, is a picosecond laser that features a >45 W average...

pulsed laser - max. 530 W | TruPulse series

For any processing task, TruPulse lasers offer you the right parameters - tuned precisely to your...

pulsed laser - TruMicro Series 2000

The ultra-short pulsed lasers are characterized by a light, compact design. The fiber technology creates an ideal platform for ultra-short...

pulsed laser - max. 100 W | TruMicro 5000 series

The lasers of the TruMicro series 5000 are ultra-short pulsed lasers with power of up to 100 watts and pulse energy of up to 500 microjoules....

pulsed laser - max. 750 W | TruMicro 7000 series

The short pulsed lasers of the TruMicro Series 7000 offer high productivity in microprocessing, with an average power of up to 750 watts....

diode laser / pulsed - EPL

EPL series of Picosecond (ps) Pulsed Diode Lasers from Edinburgh Instruments

Laser wavelengths currently at 375nm,...

diode laser / pulsed - EPL

Pulsed laser systems based on end-pumped solid state lasers with active or passively q-switching. For example passively q-switched laser for laser...

pulsed laser - 5 - 25 W, max. 150 µJ

neoLASE MOPA Lasers combine neoLASE amplifiers with commercial available laser oscillators. The compact and modular concept of the MOPA technology allows accomplishing...

femtosecond laser - Sprite

The Sprite offers a wide set of specification variables including output power (up to multi-Watts), pulse width (femtosecond or picosecond models), wavelength range (fixed wavelength or tunable), and pulse repetition...

terahertz laser - Firefly-THz

Firefly-THz is a more practical alternative to other methods for generating THz light. It is more compact, convenient and efficient because of its integrated diode-pumped pump laser, sealed...

diode laser head / pulsed / picosecond - LBS-98A10-CW

10 diode bars stack, 980 nm, 400W-CW
Water cooled.
Very compact and robust

Main Features
Solder-free diode bar mounting technology, exclusive from MONOCROM S.L.
The main features of...

diode laser head / pulsed / picosecond - LBS-94P07-QCW-450FSAC

Collimated diode laser head Bar Assembly for QCW. Conductive cooling system.

Main Features
Solder-free diode bar mounting technology, exclusive from MONOCROM S.L.
The main...

diode laser head / pulsed / picosecond - 640 nm | LBS-64P01-19CW-FC

Fibre-coupled Diode laser heads for CW and QCW applications.
Single-Diode Bar, 640 nm, 7,6W CW before fibre
Water, TEC or Conductive cooling.

Main Features
Solder-free diode bar mounting technology, exclusive from...

diode laser head / pulsed / picosecond - 50 ps,  375 - 1990 nm | LDH Series

Wavelengths between 375 nm and 1990 nm
Pulse widths as short as 50 ps (FWHM)
Adjustable (average) power up to 20 mW
Repetition rate from single shot to 80 MHz
Optional dual mode: pulsed and CW operation
Collimating optics,...

diode laser head / pulsed / picosecond - 80 ps, 266 - 1532 nm | LDH-FA Series

Available at 266, 531, 766, 1064 and 1532 nm
Pulse width down to 80 ps (FWHM)
Average output power between 1 mW and 1000 mW (depending on wavelength)
Repetition rates up to 80 MHz
Collimated beam or PM...

femtosecond laser - StarFemto FX

Femtosecond laser for "cold" laser cutting, structuring, drilling and ablating as well as marking for industrial applications


picosecond laser - StarPico

Picosecond laser for "cold" laser cutting, structuring, drilling and ablating for industrial applications


picosecond laser - PowerLine Pico

The picosecond laser PowerLine Pico is available as a laser source as well as a laser marker. With a pulse length of 800 ps and a maximum pulse energy of 40 µJ the laser...

picosecond laser - PowerLine SL

The PowerLine SL lasers were developed for processes that make high demands on beam quality and the pulse-to-pulse stability with high frequencies. The compact laser head houses the pump diode and the RF generator. This facilitates integration and allows great distances between the...

picosecond laser - PowerLine SL PV

The PowerLine SL PV lasers were developed for photovoltaic applications with highest requirements on the beam quality and pulse-to-pulse stability with high frequencies. With the integration...

picosecond laser - PowerLine SL PV

Solid state picosecond Nd:YAG lasers are the industry-leading...

picosecond laser - max. 25 W | HYLASE

Compact and Powerful
The HYLASE™ picosecond laser from Fianium combines the reliability and
low maintenance of an all fiber oscillator with a state-of-the-art amplifier.
The remote...

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