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1 products DS Smith
DS Smith
non slip cardboard layer pad for pallet DS Smith

In Sheet feeding, supply cycle solutions are easily given mainly because of a complete...

4 products Abriso
Abriso Abrifoam®
polyethylene foam protective packaging Abrifoam® Abriso

Abrifoam is an extruded polyethylene foam, available in different densities and dimensions. This expanded foam has a closed cell structure, giving high resistance to scratches and impacts. Properties: -...

Abriso Abrifoamflex®
polyethylene foam protective packaging Abrifoamflex® Abriso

Abrifoamflex is a combination of Abribubble (air cushion film) and Abrifoam (polyethylene foam). The air cushion film is laminated with polyethylene...

Abriso Abriplank®
cushioning foam Abriplank® Abriso

Abriplank is composed by laminated polyethylene foam panels and is available in several thicknesses and densities. These panels can be cut or die-cut into a quasi-unlimited number of three-dimensional...

Abriso Abricorner® C series
foam protection corner Abricorner® C series Abriso

Abricorner C These polyethylene foam 3-D corner...

2 products Autobag
air cushion protective packaging Autobag

These puncture resistant polyethylene air cushions feature our award-winning EZ-Tear™ perforation for easy handling and faster packing productivity. Genuine...

Autobag AirPouch® EZ-Tear™ series
biodegradable air cushion protective packaging AirPouch® EZ-Tear™ series Autobag

AirPouch® EZ-Tear™ Air Pillows from Automated Packaging Systems are an excellent option for void-fill protective packaging. These puncture-resistant air cushions significantly improve protection...

video FP International
air cushion protective packaging FP International

Most of the time, the outer carton is larger than the product...

video FP International FLOPAK GREEN®
polystyrene chips FLOPAK GREEN® FP International

Loosefill is the ideal packaging material for heavy and/or oddly shaped products. The small particles fill every void...

14 products NMC
U shaped foam protection corner NOMAPACK® U NMC

NOMAPACK®U edge protection profiles are available in different...

O shaped foam protection corner NOMAPACK® O NMC

A wide range of round profiles...

anti shock and vibration packing material NOMAPACK® SYSTEM NMC

The efficient transport protection for sensitive goods.NOMAPACK® SYSTEM is a...

cushioning foam NOMAPACK® PAD NMC

Low profile cushioning...

protective foam for glass transport NOMAPACK® WS NMC

An innovative transportation protection for windshields and glass. Your...

22 products Propagroup
new video Propagroup PROPADRY series
antihumidity desiccant tray for container PROPADRY series Propagroup

CONDENSATION IS LIQUEFIED! PROPADRY is one of the new and revolutionary systems designed by Propack to neutralize the formation of condensate inside closed environments, thus protecting the quality...

new Propagroup PROPADRY PLUS series
antihumidity desiccant tray for container PROPADRY PLUS series Propagroup

CONDENSATION IS TURNED INTO JELLY! PROPADRY PLUS is one of the new and revolutionary systems designed by Propack to neutralize the formation of condensate inside closed environments and thus protect...

video Propagroup PROPASEC
antihumidity desiccant clay PROPASEC Propagroup

PROPACK DESICCANT CLAY: EFFECTIVE, ECONOMICAL AND ECOLOGICAL PREVENTION! PROPASEC desiccant bags represent the most successful and safe solution to reduce the humidity level inside your packaging. Thanks...

video Propagroup PROPASIL
antihumidity desiccant silicagel PROPASIL Propagroup

PROPACK SILICA GEL: PREVENTION IN ANY CONDITION Made from amorphous silica, PROPASIL appears as a hard, semitransparent granular substance. Its moisture-absorbing capacity is very high changing with...

antihumidity desiccant bag for container PROPACONTAINER Propagroup


video Propagroup PROPAMETIC
vapour barrier film PROPAMETIC Propagroup

PROPAMETIC barrier films are a range of products designed and developed for the packaging of products sensitive to moisture and weathering. PROPAMETIC films are particularly suitable for a long-term...

Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH
air cushion protective packaging Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH

Air cushions - our superior light weight range In most packing departments, the products that have to be dispatched are quite heavy. Therefore it is advantageous if their packaging is lightweight in...

video Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH
polystyrene protective packaging Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH

Storopack produces protective and transport packaging made of EPS and EPP for white, brown and grey goods. All protective packaging systems catering to the electronics and household appliance industry...

video Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH
protective packaging for solar panels Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH

Molded packaging systems from Storopack provide the ideal protection for solar products which are both heavy and also sensitive, such as wafers, inverters, photovoltaic elements and solar panels. Storopack...

sheet metal edge protector HellermannTyton

Beading Edge Protection EdgeGuard Manufactured from a flexible PVC compound which...

16 products Eredi Caimi
4 products Ferplast
corrugated cardboard protection Ferplast

Economic and ecological material...

polyethylene foam protective packaging Ferplast

The extruded polyethylene foam is particularly...

air cushion protective packaging Ferplast

The inflatable cushions are inserted into the...

tubular protective plastic netting Ferplast

Tubular mesh made ​​of polyethylene totally...

3 products Anders Bendt
Anders Bendt 2000 g | DRY-BAG®
antihumidity desiccant bag for container 2000 g | DRY-BAG® Anders Bendt

DRY-BAG 2000 Packline is typically used for moisture protection of cargo under container transport via ship or rail. Products shipped...

Anders Bendt
corrugated cardboard protection Anders Bendt

Corrugated cardboard is used for lining of the container walls, cieling...

1 products Cordstrap
dunnage air-bag for transport load securing Cordstrap

Do you ship your products by rail, cargo container, truck or ship; eliminate cargo damage with a strong dependable cushion of air, using our dunnage bags. Dunnage air bags are often perceived as only...

3 products Endupack
video Endupack
non slip pallet layer pad Endupack

GRIP SHEET is used as a complement to film for securing your loads on the pallet until they reach your customers. GRIP SHEET will preserve the homogeneity of your...

non slip protective cardboard for pallet Endupack

Slip sheets were first implemented by large food processors in the 70’s; it has now expanded into most industries and every mode of transportation. The increased usage of slip sheets is explained by its...

non slip cardboard layer pad for pallet Endupack

Standard Grip Sheet tie sheets are available in basic paper weights...

1 products Barbier Groupe
Barbier Groupe
vapour barrier film Barbier Groupe

These products are designed for soil treatment. The solar heating films are used between two crops to clean the...

1 products HÖRAUF
protective packaging from corrugated cardboard CFG HÖRAUF

Corrugated cushions are widely used for protection of: Electronics Machinery and machine parts...

1 products Intellipack
Intellipack SmartFOAM™
cushioning foam SmartFOAM™ Intellipack

IntelliPack provides the foam-in-place packaging supplies you need to optimize your operations. IntelliPack systems are specifically engineered...

8 products Brownell Ltd
Brownell Ltd Desi Pak®
antihumidity desiccant clay Desi Pak® Brownell Ltd

Desi Pak® unit bags provide a low cost and efficient method of protecting against moisture damage during transit and storage. The bags are filled with a bentonite clay which is a naturally...

Brownell Ltd 3 - 500 g
antihumidity desiccant bag for container 3 - 500 g Brownell Ltd

Molecular Sieve sachets are the ideal solution for low relative...

Brownell Ltd 1 - 500 g | BLD7410/01-09
antihumidity desiccant silicagel 1 - 500 g | BLD7410/01-09 Brownell Ltd

The use of silica gel desiccant bags provides an economic way of protecting against moisture damage during transit and storage. These bags are filled with non-indicating beaded silica gel desiccant with...

Brownell Ltd 2 - 30 g | Ultra Clean
antihumidity desiccant bag for container 2 - 30 g | Ultra Clean Brownell Ltd

The range of Ultra Clean Desiccant Bags meets the needs of applications which require both reduced relative humidity and no dusting or product contamination. Bags are constructed from breathable membranes...

6 products Nefab
dunnage air-bag for transport load securing Nefab

Manufactured from one or several layers of kraft paper and polyethylene, this...

air cushion protective packaging Nefab

This clean, aesthetic, humidity insensitive and strong packaging material fills the empty spaces in the outer packaging, effectively blocking, bracing and cushioning the products during transport and...

Nefab AirPak
air cushion protective packaging AirPak Nefab

AirPak is a packaging material made of PE film and air, giving superior protection against shock and abrasion. Standard as well as custom designs are available in two and three dimensional shapes such...

antihumidity desiccant bag for container Nefab

During storage and transport, non-treated metals can corrode. Corrosion is a result of oxidation or aggressive elements in the air. Traditional protection materials against corrosion such as oil, grease...

cushioning foam Nefab

When products need protection from vibrations and shocks, Nefab is able to design, develop...

polystyrene chips Nefab

Loose fill is a void filling and shock absorbing packaging material. Polystyrene is traditionally used as a raw material but loose fill can be made of different materials. Corn starch and recycled paper...

2 products NSW
tubular protective plastic netting POLY-NET® NSW

Surface protection is real quality assurance! During production, when moving parts within the plant, in storage and on the way to your...

tubular protective plastic netting NSW

Spacer Grids For transportation on pallets, in containers and other load carriers, POLY-NET® spacer grids provide maximum protection while requiring minimum...

1 products PGI
nonwoven for packaging FDA, VSA, TS, NSN, INTN, NLC series PGI

The packaging industry have raised interest for selected nonwoven applications such as desiccant bags, humidity absorbents, electronics, transportation, wrapping... Thanks to its capacity of development,...

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