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control relay / shut-off / speed - max. 30 VDC | KFD2-SR2-2.W.SM

Pepperl-Fuchs standstill and rotational direction monitor has a 1-channel signal conditioner with 24 V DC supply.

control relay / shut-off / speed - max. 400 V | AZR31S1 series

The Schmersal AZR31S1 standtill monitors employs e.m.f standstill monitoring, and it has a direct connection...

control relay / shut-off / speed - 115 - 230 V | SSW 301HV series

These standstill monitors do not have to...

control relay / shut-off / speed - FWS 2506 series

The Schmersa FWS 2506 is an advanced fail safe monitor designed to accurately detect standstill...

speed monitoring system - FX3-MOC

The SICK Flexi Soft Drive Monitor is a rugged, flexible, optimum performance drive monitoring device. It monitors It is capable of quick project planning and commissioning thanks to its Flexi Soft system that only has...

speed monitoring system - 0.1 - 99 Hz | MOC3SA series

Designed by SICK, these safety controllers offer zero speed and drive monitoring and have 4 safe semiconductor outputs. The maximum input frequency is 2 kHz and there are 2 application diagnostic outputs for...

control relay / shut-off / speed - MOC3ZA series

Standstill monitoring without additional sensors

Standstill monitoring by means of residual voltage measurement

speed monitoring system - ADAPT ESD

ADAPT ESD is a device for emergency safety shutdown of rotating machinery with overspeed...

electronic speed switch - 512 - 2 500 ppr, max. 6 000 rpm | HOG 10 + DSL.E

Baumer's heavy duty speed switches have a compact design with a solid...

electronic speed switch - 512 - 4 096 ppr, max. 6 000 rpm | HOG 165

Baumer electronic speed switch allows the on and off switching speed to be easily programmed.

A software...

electronic speed switch - ø 105 mm, 110 - 500 rpm, IP55 | ES 100

The ES 100 speed switches have a switching accuracy of ±4 % and a switching hysteresis of...

digital speed switch - max. 20 000 rpm | DS 93

The DS 93 Series model of Speed Switches by Baumer features dimensions of 4.8x4.8x3.1 inches,...

tachogenerator explosion-proof / DC - ø 90 mm, 12 W, 5 000 rpm | EEx GP 0,2

The Baumer EEx GP 0,2 - Tachogenerator has a ø11 mm stainless steel shaft, and a ø90 mm flange with a IP 54 (T6) protection class housing...

analog tachometer - 0.52 V | DCT 22

Maxon sensors. Using through shafts, high precision encoders/DC tachometers/resolvers...

digital tachometer / handheld / welding wire - Tw

The all-new special adapter Tw is manufactured by ReinTacho. It is specially built for the extraordinary requirements specifically for measure and length in the welding industry. This adapter can measure welding...

handheld tachometer - HTM

This hand tachometer is a mechanical device, being designed for applications such as measuring the RPM and surface speed of various applications with high accuracy. The product is favored in several industries, including the mining...

photoelectric tachometer / digital / handheld - max. 99 999 rpm, max 600 mm | Redpoint

The Redpoint digital tachometer is a handheld unit that is ideally used for proximity measurement...

digital tachometer / handheld - max. 99 999 rpm, max 600 mm | Rotaro series

Rheintacho's Rotaro series is a line of digital hand-tachometers suitable for measuring rotational speed, velocity, and length....

digital tachometer / handheld - 1 - 99 999 rpm, max 600 mm | Rotaro T series

The Rotaro T is a handheld digital tachometer engineered by Applegate. It is designed for measuring rotational speed, velocity, and length.


shut-off relay / control / speed - 24 VDC | 480041H0, 480041H1

The 480041H1 model assembled by Elobau is a speed and stand-still monitoring relay engineered...

tachometer - ACT Series

Monarch Instrument presents ACT Series panel tachometer. The ACT-1B Panel Tachometer allows factory configuration to meet customer requirements. It can also be configured by the user on site using the optional USB Programming Cable and Software.


tachometer - F2A1X

The F2A1X Frequency Converter/Tachometer is a lightweight, rugged instrument which converts a frequency input signal into a proportional analog voltage (0-5Vdc) or current (4-20mAdc)...

tachometer - F2A3X

The F2A3X Frequency to Analog Converter is a DIN rail module that process monitoring networks. It...

digital tachometer / handheld - PLT200

The Pocket Laser TAch 200 (PLT200) is a digital contact/non-contact tachometer engineered by Monarch Instrument. It operates through a battery, with a maximum reach of 25 feet from a reflective target via...

handheld tachometer - PT99

The PT99 is manufactured by Monarch Instrument, and is a digital, battery-powered portable non-contact optical tachometer...

handheld tachometer - PT99

The Digital Speed Indicators, Rate Meters, Tachometers are available in either single channel or dual channel versions. The single channel unit, on one hand, can...

speed monitoring system / for sine-cosine signals - 24 Vdc, 0,1 Hz - 500 kHz | DZ270

The Universal Monitor/Controller for speed, standstill, direction is suitable for sine-cosine encoders and sensors. It has a variety of models which include DZ 270 (3 relays, serial RS232...

speed monitoring system / for sine-cosine signals - 24 Vdc, 0,1 Hz - 500 kHz | DZ270

The Speed monitoring system is used to determine the over-speed, under-speed, standstill and direction of rotation. It is also a tool for...

digital tachometer / handheld / engine - 100 - 99 999 rpm | HT-6200

HT-6200 ( New ! ) - Engine Tachometer
New ! hand-held Engine tachometer accepts multi detectors. HT-6200 is a handheld tachometer with a built-in batteries designed for measurement of gasoline/diesel engines, EV/HEV motors, and general rotating objects. Combined with optional detectors (VP-1220, IP-292/296, IP-3000A, IP-3100, OM-1200, MP series and TTL signal output detector etc.), various rotation...

digital tachometer / handheld - 400 - 8 000 rpm | GE-1400

The GE-1400 makes taking rpm measurements on a 4- cycle diesel engine easy. Safe measurements with an accuracy of ± 1 rpm are as simple as clamping the detector to the fuel injection pipe....

handheld tachometer - 1.5 - 10 000 rpm | HT-3100

HT-3100 - High Accuracy of + / - 0.1 rpm Contact Type Tachometer
Big performance in a little package. Accuracy of + / - 0.1 rpm in low mode....

digital tachometer / non-contact / handheld - 30 - 50 000 rpm | HT-4200

The high quality HT-4200 is both rugged and compact. Simply aim the light beam at the reflective marker and instantly receive safe accurate measurements.

* The HT-4200 is an upgrade for...

digital tachometer / handheld - 6 - 99 999 rpm, 20 - 300 mm | HT-5500

The New ! HT-5500 is a handheld digital tachometer with high performance and pioneering technology along with a sophisticated body. It can be operated easily as both a contact and non-contact type digital tachometer, in which various rotation measurement technologies are used. Various measurement parameters such as rotation (r/min, r/s), accumulated rotation (count), line speed (m/min: contact and...

tachometer counter - STI-73

The Simex STI-83 Rate Meter is a board-type rate meter generally designed for controlling...

tachometer counter - STI-94

The STI-94 rate meter is manufactured by Simex, and is a board-type rate meter that is constructed to control rational speed from 1.5 to...

tachometer counter - STI-N118

The SIMEX STI-N118 series ratemeters are used for control of rotational speeds from 1.5 to 50,000 rev/min, or its inversion (revolution period). They have...

tachometer counter - 250 V, 5 A | CTA series

CTA series

CTA Timer/Counter/Tachometer features easy and handy parameter settings and tuning and are certified by international standards CE and UL.


tachometer counter - 250 V, 5 A | CTA series

Speed responsive switches detect motion, or sense over-speed or under-speed occurrences of industrial machinery...

over-speed switch - 2200 series

Speed Switch Series 2200 - Type PR


Machine Tools -- Euclid Type PR Series can be used to increase production as a zero-speed plugging switch with normally open contacts incorporated with...

over-speed switch - 2210 series


Euclid Type C switches provide over speed & under speed protection and precise speed sensing with high repetitive...

control relay / shut-off / speed - max. 1 000 kHz | WD720900

Product Wächter
Description wächter...

speed monitoring system - max. 25 kHz, 115 - 230 V | WY054905

Article No WY054905
Design 96x48x141
Material Kunststoff
Voltage 230VAC+24VDC
Output analog
Connection LED,6stelli...

over-speed switch - max. 9.9 rpm | SS110

• Dial-in calibration does not require power
• Setpoint ranges: 0.01 - 0.99 and 0.1 - 9.9 rpm
• ETL approved to UL 508 standard

over-speed switch - 4 - 20 mA | FB420

The FB420 provides a 4-20 mA signal directly proportional to the rotational speed of a monitored shaft and has a 4 digit...

digital tachometer - 0.01 - 10000 Hz | TR400, TR5000

• Displays rate or time in process
• Easy installation and setup
• Completely field adjustable
• Single channel or quadrature decoding
• NEMA 4 faceplate

tachometer - 1 - 99.9 rpm | HH100

Hand-Held Digital Tachometer

• Measures speeds from 1-99,999 rpm
• Accuracy of 0.02% with a resolution of 0.01 rpm
• Easily converts from non-contact to contact
operation with a rugged slide-in adapter

speed converter / measurement / with alarm - DeviceNet, 0 - 3276.7 rpm

Shaft Speed Sensor with Alarms and DeviceNet Network Interface

• Real time shaft speed and up to four programmable
over/under speed alarms
• Easily...

tachometer counter - ALC77-T

ALC77-T Tachometers

72 mm x 72 mm Dimension

5 Khz input frequency

handheld tachometer - 5 digit | HT600

The 4HT600 has eight measuring ranges and three modes. Mode change is effected by pressing the MODE button. The instrument can be operated in optical or direct contact modes (using adaptor supplied). The power turns off automatically 30 seconds after the last operation to...

infrared tachometer - Model 93

The Redington Model 9300-HTK hand tachometer kit utilizes state of the art technology at an affordable cost. Simple to use push the measurement button...

tachometer counter - AT series

ATS, ATA, ATHA, ATHS Tachometers and Tach/Hourmeters

The AT series tachometer is a rugged, transistorized instrument with solid-state circuitry for indication of engine revolutions per minute (RPM). It is equipped with a bracket for mounting into a standard...

digital tachometer - SHD30, SHD30-45 series

The SHD30 and SHD30-45 are microprocessor-based tachometers with an hourmeter and an overspeed trip point.

The SHD30 features a panel-mounting design, plastic enclosure...

digital tachometer - MT90 series

MT90 Digital Tachometer by Murphy SELECTRONIC®
The Murphy SELECTRONIC® MT90 is a digital tachometer. Its high accuracy and dependability result from use of a quartz...

digital tachometer - MTH6 series

This microprocessor-based digital tachometer and hourmeter with a built-in overspeed switch is highly accurate and dependable. It measures speed and running hours and can give an alarm or shut down the engine on...

over-speed switch / adjustable - SS300 series

Murphy Electronic Speed Switches are available in various configurations to cover a wide variety of applications. These compact devices receive their input signal from various sources depending upon the particular...

tachometer counter - MICRA-D

The MICRA-D model from the KOSMOS SERIE is a five-digit digital instrument with 2 programmable inputs that accept signals from a variety of standard sensors and pulse generators. Can be configured to work as:


tachometer counter - JR-D / JR20-D

JR/JR20-D digital meters accept inputs from high voltage (10 V – 600 V AC) signals, contact switch signals, TTL/24V encoder inputs, and sensors of the magnetic, PNP, NPN and NAMUR type.
These models can accept all commonly...

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