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Manufactured using graded aluminum with protective coating that resist corrosion, these light weight aluminum tubes are used in fabricating structural materials, automotive...

plastic tube connector - 1/8 - 3/16

Value Plastics offers a complete line of acetal and nylon fittings and connectors for use with...

plastic tube connector - 3/16 - 5/16

With TSC Series conical seal fittings, Value Plastics expands its range of products for small-bore connector applications...

plastic tube connector - 12 - 60 mm

S&W threaded tube ends are the easiest and most cost-effective way to attach mounts and glides to the tubes and pipes commonly used to construct frames, conveyor bases and industrial machinery. Simply hammer the threaded...

profile fastener / aluminium - DUJ 306

Meterial Precision-cast zinc

profile fastener / aluminium - DUJ 408

Meterial Precision-cast zinc

profile fastener / aluminium - DUJ 408

HAM-LET proudly introduces its line of swivel connectors. These connectors has a variety of available configurations including, female to male, female to female, female to male NPT, female to female NPT, and...

clip block SMD - 0.062 - 10 A, 125 V | 157 series

157 fuse and holder series of Littelfuse finds a way out for automatic installation and a substitute for small Nano2® plane equipped fuses. These fuse...

swivel bearing tube connector - max. 11 mm

This is a Tube connector manufactured by Prevost which can be placed in a secondary pipe. Due to its prevoS1, the unit can do quick coupling that has a two connection capability....

clip block - KB series

The KB Series of Clip Block, manufactured by ZIMMER...

clip block - KB series

Cross joint connectors for extrusions with the same dimensions

aluminium tube - 15 - 28 mm | AL-RM

As an alternative to DIN 11864, Kieselmann aseptic tube connections provide considerable advantages in technical...

cross tube connector - 1.5 - 240 mm² | KV15 - KV240

For multi-stranded conductors e.g. VDE 0295 Class 2
For pre-rounded multi-stranded...

cross tube connector - 1.5 - 240 mm² | KV15 - KV240

Mounting plates are assembled on rods and enable concatenation of multiple optical construction elements. Elements can be positioned as desired along the...

cross tube connector - 1.5 - 240 mm² | KV15 - KV240

The Corner connector permits perpendicular connection of mounting plates to achieve orthogonal...

cross tube connector - 1.5 - 240 mm² | KV15 - KV240

The Swivel connector provides a backlash-free connection between two mounting plates, and has a pivot range of...

rod clamp - MV series

MV Clamp


rod clamp - MMV series

Mini multipurpose connecting clamp...

rod clamp - AK TE series

Clamps for cross and parallel...

plate holder - 4PH132

The 4PH132 universal plate holder is designed to hold lengthy and thick...

aluminium tube - 16 - 110mm | QLTUAL

The QLTUAL Series manufactured by Aircom is a tube component made from aluminum body materials....

T tube connector - RR 6042

The RR 6042 by GAV srl is a T-connector...

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