Medium and high voltage fuses

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Designed by Mersen, these Limitor high voltage fuse-links are compliant with IEC 60282-1 and VDE 0670 TD standards. They have also been manufactured and tested to comply with the Quality Management System certification under the...


The E-Rated fuses in this series have time current characteristics, being designed for providing current limiting protection for power transformers, power centers, potential transformers, feeder centers and unit sub-stations. When applied...

These R-rated fuses are intelligently engineered to provide high degree of protection from power-supply malfunctions like short circuits, over-voltage, to motors, motor controllers and related devices. These units are not recommended for use in high voltage/large short...

The Potential Transformer (PT) fuses are specifically manufactured for safety of potential transformers....


The ETI HV VV THERMO are high voltage high breaking capacity VV fuse links. The ETI HV fuse links are manufactured for the safety of units in switch gears and other machinery ( distribution transformers, capacitors and motors) from...

The ETI VV is a medium voltage fuse that observes various standards and specifications. It has a current limiting...


High voltage fuse links (HV fuse links) are utilized to protect high voltage consumers, such as transformers, motors, capacitors, lines and switching devices, against thermal and dynamic effects. These effects...


The H.V.H.B.C. fuses from Driescher are designed to be automatic and it is an acting medium-voltage...


This Eatons Helix Fuels (CLE, HLE, and HCL) provides a variety and wide range of interrupting ratings which also comes in single barrel creations and is...


CCLB Characteristics:

Stud mount with tapped terminals.
Isolates faulted capacitor.


SMD® Power Fuses

S&Cs SMD Power Fuses provide reliable, economical protection for transformers and capacitor banks in outdoor substations through 138...

SMD® Power Fuses

SMD Power Fuses are especially suited for protecting transformers, capacitor banks, and cables in outdoor distribution substations through...

SM Power Fuses

SM Power Fuses are especially suited for protecting transformers, capacitor banks, and cables in outdoor distribution substations through...

SM & SML Power Fuses

SM and SML Power Fuses are especially suited for protecting cables and medium-to-large power transformers on utility, as well...

Fault Fiter® Electronic Power Fuse

Fault Fiter Electronic Power Fuses are a major advancement in circuit-interruption technology. They integrate state-of-the-art...


Suitable choice for Transformer Protection, Condenser (Capacitor) Protection, Motor Protection


The HRC Power Fuses belong to the Prime-MEC series. It interrupts high currents before the...


250/277 Volt Radial Fuses

Pre-dominant radial lead package with U.S (UL/CSA)., Europe (VDE/Semko), China (CCC) and Japan...


H.R.C. fuses are normally used to protect
small banks and/or three-phase capacitors, designed
in accordance with DIN and IEC standards for protection
against thermal and dynamic effects, caused by short
circuit current exceeding the tolerated value in magnitu-
de and duration.
The main characteristics ofH.R. C. fuses...

Expulsion fuses (see figure S) are normally used to pro-
tect banks with high powers usually installed outside,
where there are many units in parallel.
Using expulsion fuses is a practical cost-effective and
functional system since, in case of failure:
- only the unit involved is excluded, keeping the system
in service, making it possible...


FMT fuses are suitable for indoor and outdoor...


LV HRC fuse-links
HV HRC fuse-links
D type fuses

Fuses possess some unique features not...


MV fuses are manufactured with dimensions according to DIN 43625.

They comply with standards I.E.C. 282-1. The high voltage fuse-link are mainly used for short circuit protection...


SIBA HV-fuses are fuses for the protection of substations up to
40,5 kV.
The fuse-links of this section comply with the following national
and international standards:
• DIN 43...

High-voltage, high-performance fuses

Power stations, substations, overhead power lines: Of the many energy utility installations that ensure our vital electricity supply, most people only take notice...

High-voltage fuse-links of size 55 x 520 mm are suitable for the
protection of power transformers used in energy distribution. Usually
they are for indoor application, but outdoor use is possible. In case of

The new HHA type series in our HV fuse-link portfolio is
tailored to the requirements of the US market. HHA-BC fuses have
been specially designed to protect capacitor circuits indoors
and outdoors, thus offering optimum protection in case
of failure.
Rated voltage: When using a standard...

HHx Fuse-Links


Medium and high voltage power fuses provide a reliable and economical means of protecting small to medium size power transformers, potential transformers, station service transformers, and capacitor banks. The lower installed cost of a power fuse, it's compact...


HV HRC (high-voltage high-rupturing capacity) fuse-links type 3GD are especially adequate in order to protect devices...

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