Automatic vehicle transmissions

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Automatic vehicle transmissions
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automatic vehicle transmission - max. 1 939 kW, max. 1 900 rpm | TA90-7500 series

The 7500 Series automatic transmission is made up of a 9-speed coaxial power-shift transmission and an advanced electronic control system. To continue, the machine has a maximum input...

automatic vehicle transmission - max. 2 300 kW, max. 2 100 rpm | TA91-8501 series

An advanced electronic control system, a 9 speed coaxial power-shift transmission and an engine mounted 21 or 23 inch type 8 torque converter all combine to form the 8501 AWD Series transmission system. It offers increased...

automatic vehicle transmission - max. 567 kW, max. 2 100 rpm | TD1179 ARFF series

The Twindisc 1180 ARFF Series is an automatic transmission system that comprises of an engine mounted 17.5in. or 18.5in....

automatic vehicle transmission - max. 402 kW, max. 2 100 rpm | TD61-1180 AWD

The 1180 AWD Series transmission system has an engine of 17.5 or 18.5 inch type 8 torque converter, a 6 speed power-shift transmission and an advanced electronic...

automatic vehicle transmission - max. 746 kW, max. 2 300 rpm | TD2619 AWD series

It is a series transmission system which comprises of an electronic - control system, power shift - transmission and type 8 - torque converter. It is featured with full time - all wheel - drive...

automatic vehicle transmission - ERGOPOWER

The automatic powershift transmission ERGOPOWER has been optimized for application in wheel loaders. It offers five instead...

automatic vehicle transmission - ERGOPOWER

The remarkable features of ZF combine harvester drives include extraordinary ruggedness and highest possible reliability....

automatic vehicle transmission - 1500 - 15000 kW

Automatic Transmissions for Tracklaying Vehicles

Our automatic powershift transmissions for tracklaying vehicles are suitable...

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