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Tau 2 is one of the most advanced models in the FLIRs Tau family. The thermal imaging camera core comes with various significant advances from previous models, such as the...

The MCT 1500/3000 cores were originally designed for use with Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM. They can be integrated easily into infrared systems that need a cooled and advanced thermal imaging solution.


The FLIR Mini-Core HRC is considered one of the best because it is avaialble in multiple configurations which makes it OEM-friendly. One of the best things about...

The FLIR µCore-275Z middle-wave camera hub offers Original Equipment Manufacturers a very solid, twist key chilled hub resolution. Working in the 3-5 micron signal group, µCore-275Z...

A quantum increase at the forefront in the plan and ability of lengthy-wave thermal camera hubs, Quark offers top-edge picturing presentation and dependability in a solid, frivolous wrap up. Quarks ground-breaking...


The XCO-640 is a long range MWIR surveillance module manufactured by Xenics Infrared Solutions that is of highly stabilized and superior optical performance....


High resolution 384x288 pixels
Lens options wide, narrow view
Control interface
Digital zoom
Standard composite video o/p
Optional BT656 interface
Compact enclosure
Suitable for OEMs

Thermal Imaging has become cost effective for use in a wide range of night or day time surveillance applications. The IRI5000 Series provides...


The ICI 320X Infrared Camera Core consists of an Uncooled IR detector to detect LWIR(Long Wave Infrared) and a Circuit Board for Imaging Processing etc., which can be used as the core for IR cameras. It provides high quality infrared images by detecting infrared radiation of 7-14µm from objects...


Lumencors engineers tailor the CORE to meet your analysis:

Spectral and power optimization available for multiple outputs
Size and footprint tailored to OEM or researchers specification
Customer specified objective...


◆ 160x120/384x288/640x480 uncooled FPA detector
◆ Stable working in high&low temperature...

◆ 384×288 uncooled FPA detector
◆ Hand held, Image storage

◆384×288/640×480 pixel


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