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thermal imaging camera core - Tau 2

Tau 2 is one of the most advanced models in the FLIRs Tau family. The thermal imaging camera core comes with various significant advances from previous models, such as the...

infrared camera core / high-resolution / air-cooled - MCT 1500/3000 Modules

The MCT 1500/3000 cores were originally designed for use with Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM. They can be integrated easily into infrared systems that need a cooled and advanced thermal imaging solution.


infrared camera core / air-cooled - Mini-Core HRC

The FLIR Mini-Core HRC is considered one of the best because it is avaialble in multiple configurations which makes it OEM-friendly. One of the best things about...

infrared camera core / air-cooled - FLIR µCore-275Z

The FLIR µCore-275Z middle-wave camera hub offers Original Equipment Manufacturers a very solid, twist key chilled hub resolution. Working in the 3-5 micron signal group, µCore-275Z...

thermal imaging camera core - Quark Uncooled Cores

A quantum increase at the forefront in the plan and ability of lengthy-wave thermal camera hubs, Quark offers top-edge picturing presentation and dependability in a solid, frivolous wrap up. Quarks ground-breaking...

thermal imaging camera core - IP67, -20℃ to +200℃, MC1-320, 340g

The Keii MC1-320 is a thermal imaging camera core for UAV. It is constructed...

thermal imaging camera core - IP67, MC1-640, 0.54marad

This is the thermal imaging core for UAV. It can be put to use for police, firefighting electric power...

infrared camera core / high-speed -

High speed infrared camera core UAV drones are utilized for industrial and civilian purpose more...

thermal imaging camera core - IRI5000 Series

High resolution 384x288 pixels
Lens options wide, narrow view
Control interface
Digital zoom
Standard composite video o/p
Optional BT656 interface
Compact enclosure
Suitable for OEMs

Thermal Imaging has become cost effective for use in a wide range of night or day time surveillance applications. The IRI5000 Series provides...

thermal imaging camera core - CORE illumination and imaging system ™

Lumencors engineers tailor the CORE to meet your analysis:

Spectral and power optimization available for multiple outputs
Size and footprint tailored to OEM or researchers specification
Customer specified objective...

thermal imaging camera core - 320X

The ICI 320X Infrared Camera Core consists of an Uncooled IR detector to detect LWIR(Long Wave Infrared) and a Circuit Board for Imaging Processing etc., which can be used as the core for IR cameras. It provides high quality infrared images by detecting infrared radiation of 7-14µm from objects...

thermal imaging camera core - D series

◆ 160x120/384x288/640x480 uncooled FPA detector
◆ Stable working in high&low temperature...

thermal imaging camera core - S660

◆ 384×288 uncooled FPA detector
◆ Hand held, Image storage

thermal imaging camera core - DM63/66 series

◆384×288/640×480 pixel


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