Chain couplings

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A chain coupling is a flexible, non-twisting coupling consisting of a double-wide chain linking two steel or nylon sprockets. It transmits torque between two imperfectly aligned shafts without twisting or loss of rotational speed.


Chain couplings are used wherever torque must be transmitted between two imperfectly aligned shafts at constant velocity and without torsion.


The chain linking the two sprockets can be of steel or nylon. The former requires lubrication.

How to choose

Choice will depend on:
- Torque and speed to be transmitted
- Shaft misalignment
- Load type: requiring torque fluctuation compensation (flexible elastic coupling) or perfectly synchronized (flexible, no-twist coupling)
- Size, available space, noise, disassembly
- Environment, temperature and other external factors


- Low cost
- Simple
- Rapid disassembly


- Play in chain

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Tsubakimoto Chain 100 - 717.4 Nm
Flexible coupling roller 100 - 717.4 Nm Tsubakimoto Chain

Flexible couplings consisting of two sprockets provided with robust two-strand chains specially designed for couplings. Can be used for all general power transmission applications. Features ■Excellent...

Emerson Power Transmission
Flexible coupling Emerson Power Transmission

Chain couplings offer a rugged yet lightweight and economical method for connecting two shafts. Consist...

1 products Cross & Morse
Cross & Morse 162 - 18 040 Nm | LRC series
Flexible coupling roller 162 - 18 040 Nm | LRC series Cross & Morse

Low to medium speeds. 2,000 rpm without cover. (5,000 rpm with cover.) High torque capacity....

2 products WMH Herion
WMH Herion
Flexible coupling roller WMH Herion

The WMH standard chain couplings consist of 2 sprockets that are standard. These can be coupled...

WMH Herion max. 1 200 Nm
Torque limiter with max. 1 200 Nm WMH Herion

Standard-Chain couplings consist of 2 Standard sprockets, which are coupled with a Duplex roller chain...

Chinabase Machinery (Hangzhou)
Flexible coupling Chinabase Machinery (Hangzhou)

Features • DRC chain couplings provide long service life with the hardened working members •Up to 86HP/100RPM from stock •Available with Split Taper and taper bore bushing...

1 products RENOLD
RENOLD max. 8 595 Nm | Chainflex
Flexible coupling roller max. 8 595 Nm | Chainflex RENOLD

An all-metal flexible yet torsionally stiff coupling suitable for use in arduous working conditions. Coupling Capacity * Maximum power @ 100RPM - 90kW * Maximum torque - 8595Nm Features &...

Flexible coupling QD MARTIN SPROCKET & GEAR

Chain couplings are available...

D.I.D Co., Ltd.
Flexible coupling roller D.I.D Co., Ltd.

Simple structure A roller chain coupling consists of one duplex roller chain and two sprockets for a simplex chain. Handling is very simple as both the shafts (driving shaft...

1 products COMINTEC
COMINTEC max. 8 000 Nm | GC Series
Flexible coupling max. 8 000 Nm | GC Series COMINTEC

CHAIN COUPLING "GC": simple, economic and easy to assemble Suitable for dry and dusty environments. chain...

Ramsey Products
Flexible coupling Ramsey Products

There are two models of Ramsey silent chain couplings, the Straight Type and the Diagonal Type. Straight Type couplings are composed of coupling halves that are split perpendicular to the shaft axis....

DELTA Antriebstechnik GmbH 0.5 - 6 800 Nm | DA series
Torque limiter with 0.5 - 6 800 Nm | DA series DELTA Antriebstechnik GmbH

Sliding hubs Serie DA Series DA with chain coupling Torque limiter as chain coupling for high temperature...

DELTA Antriebstechnik GmbH 0.5 - 1 360 Nm | DB series
Torque limiter with 0.5 - 1 360 Nm | DB series DELTA Antriebstechnik GmbH

Sliding hubs Serie DB Series DB with chain coupling Torque limiter as chain coupling for high temperature...

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