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extrusion line coiler - ATC series

The ATC coiler offers a double spindle with a minimal wind extraction and wind tension....

extrusion line coiler - ATC series

The 670C by Marken Manufacturing is a Cable coiler which can come with a standard or...

cable coiler / automatic - 670C

The Automatic Cable Coiler from MArken Manufacturing is designed with adjustable load capacities...

semi-automatic coiler - bt 188 T

The bt 188 T is a type of a Semiautomatic twister that is easy-to-operate and projects a high...

semi-automatic coiler - bt 288

The bt 288 series is manufactured by Komax Group, and is a wire twisting machine that is...

cable coiler / motorized - max. 100 kg, ø 60  - 100 mm | OE-VE series

Nicoletti OE-VE-10/BA coiling machine has a capacity of 200kg. They have personnel safety guards as per CE...

cable coiler / semi-automatic - ø 600 - 1 400 mm, max. 1 500 kg | TR146

The TR100 by Loimex is a Cable coiler decoiler which is designed for reels. Using this equipment, it enables one single...

cable coiler / automatic - ø 600 - 1 600 mm, max. 2 000 kg | TRG160

Automatic machine to fill reels and make coils with flexible or semirigid electrical cable....

cable coiler / motorized - ø 600 - 900 mm, max. 400 kg | DTR80

The compact machine in this product series is suitable for making coils and winding reels...

cable coiler / motorized - ø 600 - 1 100 mm, max. 800 kg | DTR100

The DTR100, which is manufactured by Loimex, is a reeling and coiling device that is suitable for...

cable coiler / motorized - 0800.1001/1200

The machine is designed to allow operators to easily and quickly wind drums and coils. The most important features are the innovative protection system, that entirely covers the drum...

automatic coiler - RP™

The RP machine is a completely programmed rewinder that creates coreless, little distance across moves (smaller than usual moves, max. measurement Ø 350 mm) of plastic film (air pocket film, PE-froth,...

automatic coiler - RP PLUS™

RP Plus is a coreless rewinder manufactured by Torninova. This machine can rewind coreless mini-rolls...

automatic coiler - RP PLUS™

This extrusion line coiler is developed by Friul Filiere S.p.A. It is specifically designed...

automatic coiler - max. 1 500 m/min, 500 - 4 000 mm | DOC series

The DOC series of machines are inspection rewinding units that are ideally for operations concerning...

automatic coiler - max. 800 m/min, max. 3 000 mm | AP series

IMS' AP Series is part of the company's product line of automatic surface rewinders. Models of...

automatic coiler - max. 550 m/min, 120 - 460 mm | 142 series

The 142 automatic rewinding machine model produces plastic film, aluminum foil and baking paper rolls...

automatic coiler - max. 700 m/min, 120 - 460 mm | 145 series

The automatic rewinding machine model 145 produces aluminium foil, plastic film and...

automatic coiler - max. 800 m/min, 280 - 460 mm | 145sG

The automatic rewinding machine model 145.s.G produces rolls of microembossed aluminium foil. It can also produce standard aluminium foil, plastic fi lm and baking paper rolls...

extrusion line coiler - FLASH

The SICA Film Coilers are designed for packing smooth and corrugated PVC, PE, and PP pipes in coils. The coils are covered across their diameter with bands of stretch film. Its features include energy saving...

extrusion line coiler - MULTILEGA

The SINGLE REEL STRAP COILERS is capable of producing a high coiling rate. It has a separate storage and packaging station. A range of fastenings can be programmed depending on...

automatic coiler / for extrusion line - 15 - 300 µm, max. 350 m/min | W2000 series

features / advantages:
thickness range 15 - 300 µm
guillotine cutting knife
line speed up to 350 m/min
bobbin diameter up to 980 mm at 6"
width of contact...

motorized coiler - 5 t, max. 30 mm | AR 5

The AR 5 model engineered by Stilmec 90, is a coiler that features an ergonomic design...

motorized coiler - 10 t, max. 60 m/min | AR 10

The AR 10 model engineered by Stilmec 90, is a coiler that features an ergonomic design...

plastic film coiler / automatic - BVM

The BVM is a plastic film coiler / automatic, manufactured by Vitari SPA. This machine has the ability to create all kinds of plastic or galvanised coated mild steel barbed...

plastic film coiler / automatic - BVR

High speed machine for the manufacture of steel barbed wire with alternate torsion (reverse twist)

The proceedings for making the strand (fig.1) and the positioning of the barb, are mechanically synchronized...

cable coiler / automatic - CableCoiler 1300

The CableCoiler 1300 is a stand-alone, fully synchronized high performance cable coiler...

cable coiler / automatic - CableCoiler 1400

Heavy-duty single pan coiling system for in-line or stand-alone coiling of wire, cable...

cable coiler / automatic - CableCoiler 4000

The CableCoiler 4000 is a motorized heavy-duty cable coiling...

automatic coiler - M160-22

Technical textiles have proved to be versatile in the last ten years and have become indispensable in many fields...

motorized coiler - max. 300 kg | MOT03-150

Synchronized easily with punching line
Coilers motorized,
Coiler run both directions, forward and reverse

motorized coiler - max. 1 t | MOT1-300

Synchronized easily with punching line
Coilers motorized, with central expansion
Coilers run both directions, forward and...

semi-automatic coiler - max. 350 - 420 mm, max. 150 p/min | URANUS

URANUS (Non stop rewinder)
• General Presentation

The SMAG URANUS is a two spindle semi automatic turret rewinder which can be installed in line with a wide range of converting and printing presses with a very simple electrical interface and no mechanical connections.
The concept of this machine is to answer to the growing demand on the market for a simple, easy handling,...

automatic coiler - 600 - 1 070 mm | DAR

The MEGTEC DAR has been specifically developed for digital presses and their on-demand requirements.

As web speeds and paper widths increase, automated roll changes on digital printing presses are becoming more...

automatic coiler - 300 - 1 040 mm | RW70B

High quality rolls are the best rating you can give a rewinder. Rolls that are consistently firm right from the core provide many advantages in the production process. The RW70B is a new automatic turret rewinder, based on many years of experience. It is the obvious choice for the customer who wants flexible and...

automatic coiler - 600 - 1 070 mm | RW50B

The RW50B rewinder is a freestanding compact and solid automatic...

automatic coiler - 600 - 1 070 mm | RW50B

Precise tension control is essential in maintaining accurate register and reducing paper waste during make- ready and production.


automatic coiler - 600 - 1 070 mm | RW50B

winders for different types of application with the following remarks:


semi-automatic coiler - max. 330 mm | NA

The machine Mod. NA permits to wind
up the veneer in roll.

This unit includes:

- winding...

semi-automatic coiler - ROTO

The machine permits to cut veneer tapes,
paper or PVC, available on rolls, in order
to obtain spools of narrower width.
The machine is supplied with:
- unwinding...

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