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digital counter / programmable - 48 x 96 mm, 6 VA | DF 60F

Microprocessor counter

- Dimensions (mm): 48x96.
- 6 Digit visualisation in positive, 51/2 in negative: 999999...

three-phase electric energy counter / DIN rail - 45 - 65 Hz | CPL101

UNIVERSAL: single-phase or three-phase network
balanced or unbalanced,

three-phase electric energy counter / DIN rail - 45 - 65 Hz | CPL101

Energy Counters

The electronic energy counter is used to measure the energy consumption in AC and three-phase supply network. This device is deliverable for CT...

three-phase electric energy counter / DIN rail - 45 - 65 Hz | CPL101

Energy Counters

The electronic energy counter is used to measure the energy consumption in AC and three-phase supply network. This device is deliverable for...

three-phase electric energy counter / DIN rail - 45 - 65 Hz | CPL101

Operating hours counters for AC and...

hour counter / digital - max. 0.8 VA

The Digital Hour Counter is manufactured with various choices of supply voltage and operates...

hour counter / digital - HM 36

The HM 36 is manufactured by GIC, and is a digital hour counter which displays working time in hours...

hour counter / digital - HM 36

General Industrial Control's (GIC) Digital Counter features a 6-digit LCD screen,...

pulse counter / digital - CR 26

The CR 26 is recommended for the operations where space is limitation. It fearures...

pulse counter / digital - CR 26

The digital hour meter and counter is the new product of the GIC. It...

pulse counter / digital - CR 26

CewePrometer is a four quadrant, high precision energy meter with large memory capacity. It is also a power quality instrument which...

three-phase electric energy counter - PM172E - IEC 62053-22/ANSI C12.20  0.2S

Advanced Power & Revenue Meter with Event/Data Log

The PM172E is a high performance feeder monitoring instrument that includes revenue class measurements and logging capability. With over 100 electrical measurements and long term memory logging capability, this series is an economical approach to distribution automation for utilities.
Revenue class metering and built-in TOU function...

electric counter - EM720 IEC6205-22 0.2S/IEC61000-4-3A

EM720 eXpertmeter

The eXpertmeter EM720 is a unique and cost-effective combination of several Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED): high performance revenue meter,cutting edge power quality analyzer & transient recorder.

- IEC 62053-22 class 0.2S
- Time Of Use tariffs
- Unique anti-vandalism & anti-tampering features

electric energy counter - EM133

EM133 - TOU Smart Energy Meter

The EM133 serves any application from residential energy metering, through industrial energy and harmonic analysis to utility comprehensive substation automation. It provides multifunctional 3‑phase power metering, revenue metering and basic power quality information. The EM133 features an internal real time clock (RTC), battery backup and onboard...

airborne particle counter / handheld - YESDUST

The YESDUST is a portable particulate sensor that is ideal for use together with the YESAIR or YES Plus LGA IAG monitor. The module is powered with the use of its internal rechargeable...

single-phase electric energy counter / electromechanical - 230 V, 0.25 - 60 A | CSM

Single-phase electronic watt-hour meter is intended for active energy metering for domestic and industrial users, commercial agents connected to the single-phase alternating current network.


electric energy counter / handheld - RS 80584

·HHU ensures the communication with the static single-phase watt-hour meter for active energy with differentiated rating by means of an optical head.


electric energy counter / outdoor - 230 V, 32 A | RS 80942

·The single-phase outdoor cabinet for power measurement and protection is intended for branchings of individual consumers.
·The cabinet fulfills the following functions:
- active energy metering
- protection against...

particle counter / laser / for liquids - 2 - 750 µm, 75 ml/min | PC3

The PC3 Particle Counter Sensor, when combined with a HydroACT analyzer, represents the...

particle counter / laser / for liquids - 0.01 - 10 000 ppb | PC6

The PC6 Particle Counter Sensor, when combined with a HydroACT analyzer, brings many of the same great features of Chemtrac's...

particle counter / potable water - 2 - 750 µm, 75 ml/min | PC3400

The PC3400 online particle counter sets the newest standard for particle counting instruments used in the water treatment industry today.

* Fast, user friendly calibration!

electric energy counter - WQ.MT860

WQ.MT860 (0.2S) Grid Meter

The WQ.MT860 (0.2S) energy meter is a multifunction precision...

electric energy counter - WU.TE432

The WU.TE432 static transformer operated electricity meters with on-line metering data transfer are designed for metering active...

three-phase electric energy counter - WG.MT/MD831

Multifunction meters with load profile

The WG.MT/MD8xx electronic meter is for industrial customers and electric utilities. It complies with IEC 61036 or IEC 60687 standards for active energy and complise with the IEC 61268 standard for reactive energy and VDEW requirements. The meter can be connected directly...

water counter / multi-jet vane wheel / dry dial - aquabasic® series

Multi-jet turbine meters with dry-type registers
Type approval as hot water meter according to 2004/22/EG (OIML R49)
Brass housing with threaded connections
Nominal pressure...

heat counter - max. 550 °C | CALEC ® series

Multi-function display with plain text and choice of language (D, E, F, I)
Data logger for measurement days and values
Temperature measurement range 0180 °C for water (max. -... 550 °C)
Temperature differential 2175 K
Up to 8 inputs (pulse, frequency, 0/4 - 20 mA)
Up to 12 outputs (pulse, 0/4 - 20 mA)

water counter / Woltman type turbine / digital - max. 50 °C, 40 - 150 mm | RUBIN MeiStream

for horizontal, vertical or inclined mounting positions
DN 40 - 150
Turbine meters with dry-type...

water counter / Woltman type turbine - max. 200 °C, 50 - 100 mm | RUBIN SMQ

for horizontal installation
DN 50 - 100
Woltman turbine meters with...

water counter / Woltman type turbine - max. 50 °C, 40 - 300 mm | RUBIN WPDK

Turbine meters with dry-type registers
Approvals SVGW and EWG

water counter / Woltman type turbine - max. 50 °C, 40 - 300 mm | RUBIN WPDK

The electric energy meter, engineered by Entes, is an electrical measurement...

radioisotope counter / digital - AR-2000

The AR-2000 provides direct digital counting of all isotopes, including 3H. Direct counting guarantees the quantitive accuracy you need for important experiments and radiochemical purity measurements. The imaging proportional counter...

positron counter - Posi-RAM

With more and more sophisticated nuclear medicine applications, positron (β+) counting has become of increasing interest. Positrons are unique in that their lifetime is measured in picoseconds. Once they interact with a nearby electron, they give rise to two directly-opposed...

counter / liquid scintillation LSC - 300SL

The new and revolutionary 300SL liquid scintillation counter employs Triple to Double Coincidence Ratio (TDCR) counting. This absolute activity measuring technology...

people counter - T-APC

Integrated with on board information systems or in a dedicated architecture, the Automatic People Counter developed by Tattile (T-APC) allows collection of statistic...

mechanical counter - 40G series



mechanical counter - 50G series

Figures 5
Size of figures 4.5 mm

mechanical counter - M47G

Figures 7
Size of figures 4.8 mm

mechanical counter - 4G

Figures 4
Size of figures 4.8 mm
Max. Speed ...

mechanical counter - 22G

Figures 5
Size of figures 4.8 mm
Max. Speed ...

electronics counter - GC-12

GC-12 component counter is a reliable and easy-to-use system for any Axial, Radial or SMD device.

* Four (4) digit LCD display

particle counter / for liquids / handheld - IP 577 | S40 AVTUR

The S40 AVTUR is a portable particle counting system designed for the aviation fuel industry. It is equipped with a special AVTUR mode according to the standard IP577 of the Energy Institute London. A wear resistant...

particle counter / for liquids / handheld - S4031

The PAMAS S4031 is a portable particle counter for liquids. It is used for research and standard measurements in laboratories and test institutes and is adequate for indoor and field applications. The...

particle counter / for liquids / handheld - 25 ml/min | S4031 GO

The PAMAS S4031 GO is a portable particle counter that is integrated in the rugged case PAMAS GO specially developed and designed for harsh environments. It can be used for batch sampling or for online measurements. A wear resistant...

particle counter / for hydraulic fluid / handheld - S4031 WG

The PAMAS S4031 WG is a portable particle counting system for water based hydraulic liquids (polyglycols), mainly used for hydraulic systems in offshore oil and gas industry. A wear resistant ceramic piston pump guarantees a constant flow. With a simple-to-use...

particle counter / for liquids - 1 - 400 μm | SBSS WG

The PAMAS SBSS WG is a particle counting system for bottle samples. The system is adequate for the measurement of water based hydraulic fluids (polyglycols) used in the off shore...

three-phase electric energy counter - ELNet LT

The ELNet-LT is a multi-functional three-phase power and energy powermeter from Getelnet that is designed to adhere to the demands of power and energy measurement in electrical installations. The device measures...

hour counter - 110 - 240 V | D48HR, D72HR, D96HR

Types: D48HR, D72HR, D96HR
AC Ratings: 110V or 240V
Frequency: 50Hz...

electronics counter - Ebsomat 30-1

forward and backward counting up to 20000 pulses / second

adjustable divisor
(multiple pins or tape holes per component) up to 9


How to choose this product


A counter indicates an accumulated or flow quantity.


Many different kinds of counters are used throughout industry, including petroleum and chemical installations, dialysis machines or as electrical meters.


Such devices can be digital, electromechanical or, occasionally, pneumatic. The display may have a built-in or remotely controlled zero reset button. A pulse counter responds to discrete signals from a measuring device.

A single- or three-phase electrical meter records energy consumed by a load or produced by a generator. It often indicates voltage, intensity, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor and the frequency and rate of harmonic distortion.

Particle counters are used in clean rooms or to monitor the air in work settings. They indicate the relative number of dust particles by size. Geiger counters measure radioactivity.

Oval wheel meters measure fluid volume flow in chemistry and agribusiness. An hour-meter indicates the elapsed running time of a machine or a process.

Counters can have a Modbus, Ethernet or WiFi network interface, or an RS232 or RS485 serial connection. Successive measurements are stored in memory.

How to choose

Counters are characterized by the number of digits they can display, their measurement and reset method, and the number of communication ports available.

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