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VME CPU module / 6U / x86 - Twin Dual-Core Intel Xeon, 1.7 GHz, max. 4 GB | PENTXM4

Kontron PENTXM4 is best suited for applications taking up high bandwidth either in a standalone or in a cluster configuration, which is complex. It delivers fast, server-class...

VPX CPU module / 6U / x86 - Dual Intel® Core™ i7, 2 GHz, max. 8 GB | VX6060

VX6060 may be the processing resource the MAG HPEC customers had been awaiting just to walk clear of a decade of PowerPC Altivec™ prominence. Together with the potential of 6U VPX backplane technologies, a fresh selection of durable inserted personal computers are developing,...

ATX CPU module / PC 104 - PC/104-SK-PLUS3

This StarterKit enables any MOPS PC/104 to be mounted, including PC/104(ISA) and PC/104-Plus (PCI) extensions....

CPU module - IP20 | X20

The Industrial CPU X20 has ATOM 0.6 GHZ processor, 256 MB RAM and mandatory to use CompactFlash....

CPU module - IP20

The particular X20BB22 bus component is the foundation...

fieldbus CPU module - IP20

The Fieldbus CPU X20 System is a variation of a compact CPU with additional features such as the option to connect...

compact CPU module - CP 111

The Sigmatek compact CPU module is made in the S-DIAS I/O line and has recently been expanded to use a matching CPU in a mini format. This is the CP 111, a unit that is 12.5 by...

COM Express CPU module - Intel Atom 1.6 GHz | PROTEUS COM Express

The PROTEUS COM Show is actually a table that includes a very low energy-high end...

COM Express CPU module - Intel Core Duo L2400, 1.66 GHz | Adbc8022

The EUROTECH Adbc8022 is a top of the line product of the highest quality. It features a COM module complying with COM Express Standard and powered...

COM Express CPU module - Adbc7517

The Adbc7517 is a component of Eurotech’s COM Communicate unit item collection...

COM Express CPU module - Adbc7519

Adbc7519 is a module integrated with the P2020 processor which comes with dual core capability...

COM Express CPU module - Adbc7520

From the makers of top quality innovations comes their newest addition...

CPU module - Intel XScale IXP420, 266 MHz, 64 MB, IP20 | CX9000

The compact CX9000 series DIN rail-mountable Ethernet controller with 266 MHz clock frequency are designed based on Intel® IXP420 with XScale® technology. The Beckhoff I/O system's connection is directly integrated in the CPU module. The CX9000...

CPU module - Intel XScale IXP420, 533 MHz, 128 MB, IP20 | CX9010

This DIN rail-mountable Ethernet controller comes with support for the XScale and for Intel IXP420 technologies as well, offering a clock frequency of 533MHz. In addition to the compact design...

CPU module - Intel Pentium, 500 MHz, 256 MB, IP20 | CX1010-0xxx

Beckhoff CX1010 CPU module is the basic module of the CX system and comprises of CPU and internal flash memory in two levels of implementation. It offers an option of operating an additional memory medium in Compact Flash format II.


CPU module - Intel Celeron M, 1 Ghz, max. 512 MB, IP20 | CX1020

The standard CX1020 Central processing unit element includes a 1 GHz Intel® Processor. The control fails to call for a enthusiast or some other turning elements. Along with the Processor along with the chipset, the CX1020 element also includes the primary recollection,...

CPU module - Intel Pentium M, 1.8 Ghz, max. 512 MB, IP20 | CX1030

A basic and robust module from Beckoff, the CX1030 CPU offers Pentium® M power on the DIN rail with a 1.8GHz Intel® Pentium® M CPU. This fairly priced CPU has a cooling module for high performance and...

PC 104 CPU module - Intel Atom N2600, 1.6 GHz | PFM-CVS

This Intel Atom N2600 Dual Core 1.6Gz Processor has a 204-pin DDR3 800/1066MHz SODIMM x 1, max. 2GB....

embedded CPU module / compact - Core i3 - i7 | GENE-QM77

The AAEON's solution to the growing need in industrial automation, the GENE-QM77 Rev.A 3.5" SubCompact Board with Intel 3rd Generation Core i7/i5/i3 Mobile Processor.Integrating...

PC 104 CPU module - AMD Geode LX800 | PFM-541IW2

The PFM-541IW2 from AAEON is a compact PC/104 CPU module that offers cost efficient optimal functionality....

PC 104 CPU module - AMD Geode LX800 | PFM-540IW1 Rev.B

The PC/104 CPU Module-PFM-5401 REV.B is a cost effective and compatible module that will perfectly suit your current system planning devices and work at optimum efficiency. This device is manufactured by...

PC 104 CPU module - Intel Atom N450 | PFM-LNP

A leading company launches a brand new product which is the PC/104 CPU Module PFM-LNP. Its compact size and rich functionality ensures the most cost effective...

Qseven CPU module - ARM Cortex-A9, 1.2 GHz  | QuadMo747-X/i.MX6

The Freescale™ QuadMo747-X/i.MX6 is designed with an integrated graphics....

Qseven CPU module - Atom™ E3800 | Q7-BT

The processor of the Q7-BT is Intel® Atom™ E3800 family of System-on-Chip and the maximum core...

Qseven CPU module - AMD Embedded G-Series | Q7-GX

The Q7-GX is an Qseven CPU module that is specifically engineered for advanced microdigital...

Qseven CPU module - Freescale™ i.MX6 | μQ7-i.MX6

The μQseven Rel. 2.0 Compliant Module comes with Freescale™ i.MX6 Processor which ensures fast processing speed...

Qseven CPU module - NVIDIA® Tegra® T30 | μQ7-T30

μQseven Rel. 2.0 Compliant Module integrated with NVIDIA® Tegra® T30 Processor....

CPU module - 400 MHz, 16 MB, 24 VDC | CP 231/X

The CP 231/X is one of the most modern version of the company's compact controls that are available. This compact control, which offers best performance in the mid-range sector is the ready made solution where pricing becomes...

CPU module - Intel Atom 0.6 - 1.1 GHz, 24 VDC | CP 24x

The high performance CP 24x is a supplement addition to the KEBA machine control family.Apart from having a space saving design, this system is attractively priced, disposes over standard,...

CPU module - Intel Atom, 1.8 GHz, 24 VDC | CP 26x/X

iseCP 26x/X of KEBA automation is available with specific I/O. These are highly customizable and perfectly structured for optimum performance. These have back-to-back configurable technology. You can use it for most flexible and powerful application. It is an ideal control solution to cover all bases. You can customize the automation solution according to...

CPU module - Intel Atom, 1.8 GHz, 24 VDC  | CP 26x/W

The CP 26x control line with Intel Atom 1,8 GHz processor, I/O specifics, sensor interface and quick response time is specifically designed to provide the users , a highly customizable product to suit the automation solutions. Having covered all the bases and the combined effect of structured performance scalability...

CPU module - 400 MHz, 128 MB | CP 03x

CP 03x is an all-in-one Sector Optimized control with application-optimized CPU and sector-specific I/O. It is a powerful PC with a performance as high as 400-MHz....

CPU module - ARM926EJ-S, 454 MHz, 128 MB | MPX28

The module includes a Freescale i.MX28.x a SDRAM, a Flash memory and up to two Ethernet PHY interfaces. The integrated LCD-controller enables direct connection of an LCD screen with touch-screen capability.

embedded CPU module - AMD Geode LX800, 500 MHz | CPC108

The CPC108 is manufactured by Fastwel, and is a microPC processor module...

embedded CPU module - Vortex86DX™, 600 MHz | CPC109

The CPC109 is a MicroPC CPU Module with a Data Acquisition System, manufactured by Fastwel....

embedded CPU module - AMD Geode LX800, 500 MHz | CPC150

Fastwel's CPC150 MicroPC Processor Module supports an AMD Geode LX 800, 500 MHz processor, and a memory...

ETX CPU module - Intel® Core™2 Duo L7400, 1.5 GHz, max. 2 GB | IEM-9452

The IEM-9452 is manufactured by IEI Integration Corporation. It is an ETX CPU Module with Intel® Core™2...

COM Express CPU module - Intel® Atom™ N455/D525, max. 2 GB | ICE-PV-N4551/D5251

The ICE-PV-N4551/D5251 is a 95mm x 95mm COM Express Compact Type 2 Module manufactured by IEI. This SBC...

Qseven CPU module - Intel® Atom™ Z510/530, max. 1.6 GHz, 1 GB | iQ7-US15W

The iQ7-US15W is manufactured by Iei Integration Corp, and is a CPU module with a single...

COM Express CPU module - NAO-660E

Fanless Design
Soldered onboard Intel® Atom™ Processor...

COM Express CPU module - NAO-550E

Soldered onboard AMD G-Series SoC GX-210HA

PC 104 CPU module - AMD® Geode™ LX800, 500MHz, max. 1 GB | Em104-a5362

Fanless Design
Low Power PC/104 CPU Module

PC 104 CPU module - Vortex86SX x86 Embedded SoC, 300 MHz, 128 MB | Em104-i423

Vortex86SX 32-bit x86 Embedded SoC
Soldered Onboard DDR2 128MB System Memory

COM Express CPU module - Intel® Core™2 Duo L7500, 1.6 GHz, 4 GB | COM-842E

Fanless Design
Soldered onboard Intel® Atom™ Processor...

CPU module - max. 1.2 GHz, RS232 | MC200 series

CPU 600 MHz ATOM E620 / 1.6 GHz ATOM E680

x86 CPU module - 33 MHz, RS232 | ME203 series

Intel 80386 EX, 33 MHz
Optional integrated power supply, 17 W /...

x86 CPU module - 66Mhz, RS232 | MX200 series

CPU x86 66 MHz / CPU 133 MHz / CPU 200 MHz Pentium class
Integrated power...

CPU module - 700 MHz | MPC200 series

CPU 400 / 650 / 700 MHz Pentium class
SRAM: to 512 kB (battery...

CPU module - 1.2 GHz | MH200 series

1.2 GHz Celeron M ULV 722 / 1.2 GHz Core 2 Duo SU9300
NVRAM: 512...

CPU module - ControlOne

The ControlOne is a CPU module manufactured by LTI Drives. It provides an accurate power range for a wide variety of applications.


embedded CPU module - QorIQ™ P1020 | TQMP1020

Easiest migration of PowerQUICC III on QorIQ™ by approved e500v2 core
Single (P1011/P1012)-...

embedded CPU module - QorIQ™ P2020  | TQMP2020

Easiest migration of PowerQUICC III on QorIQ™ by approved e500v2 core
Single (P2010)-...

embedded CPU module - MPC5200, 400 MHz | TQM5200S

Freescale MPC5200 (Power Architecture), 400 MHz
Substantial computing power, numerous...

embedded CPU module - MPC5200, 400 MHz | TQM5200

Freescale MPC5200 (Power Architecture), 400 MHz
High graphics performance through integrated graphics...

embedded CPU module - MPC885 | TQM885D

Extremely resistent against shock and vibration

PCI 104 CPU module - AMD Geode LX800 | ETM-LX800

Onboard AMD Geode LX800 @ 0.9 W 500 MHz with 128K...

XTX CPU module - Intel Pineview D525 | XTX-PNV

Onboard Intel® Pineview-D D525 1.8 GHz CPU
Intel® ICH8-M Chipset

XTX CPU module / x86 - Core™ Duo | ESM-945ETX

Supports 65nm Intel® μFC-PGA 478 / μFC-BGA 479 Core™...

XTX CPU module - Intel Atom Z510P/Z530P | XTX-US15WP

Intel® Atom™ Z510P / Z530P CPU
Intel® US15WP Chipset

XTX CPU module - Intel Atom N270 | ESM-945GSX

Onboard Intel® Atom™ N270 1.6GHz CPU

x86 CPU module - max. 1.6 GHz | ePDAnano

This open frame solution is a ready to use design platform for various embedded computing applications in miscellaneous areas, for example in POS/POI terminals, industrial automation or mobile devices. It drives displays in different sizes...

x86 CPU module - max. 624 MHz | ePDAxario

Optimales Power/Performance Verhältnis für mobilen und lüfterlosen gebrauch
Niedriger Leistungsverbrauch &...

x86 CPU module - 266 - 600 MHz | ePDAvario

Key Features:
Different scalable performance classes

COM Express CPU module - Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, max. 2 GHz, max. 2 GB | ET900


Supports Intel® Core™2 Duo processors,
533/667MHz FSB
1x DDR2 SO-DIMM, Max. 2GB
Integrated VGA, supports CRT, LVDS
Integrated ICH7M 10/100BaseT LAN
USB 2.0 x8, SATA x2, IDE, AC97, Watchdog timer
4x PCI, 6x PCI-E(x1), 1x PCI-E(x16)


CPU Socket
Socket 478


COM Express CPU module - AMD Athlon™ II Neo™, max. 2.2 GHz, max. 8 GB | ET855


AMD Athlon™ II Neo / Turion™ II Neo™ Processor onboard, up to 2.2GHz
2x DDR3-1066/1333 SO-DIMM, Max. 8GB
Integrated VGA, supports CRT and LVDS
Watchdog timer, HD audio
2x SATA III, 1x Gigabit LAN, 8x USB, 4x COM


AMD Turion™ II Neo N54L processor on board (2.2GHz)

ETX CPU module - Intel® Atom™ Z530, 1.6 GHz, 512 MB | ET830

Onboard Intel® Atom™ Z530, 533MHz FSB, 1.6GHz
DDR2 512MB...

ETX CPU module - Intel® Atom™ N270, 1.6 GHz, max. 2 GB | ET820

Onboard Intel® Atom™ Processor N270, 1.6GHz, 533MHz...

ETX CPU module - Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, max. 1.86 GHz, max. 2 GB | ET910


Supports Intel® Core™2 Duo processors
Up to 1.86GHz, 533/667MHz FSB
1x DDR2 SO-DIMM, Max. 2GB
Integrated VGA, supports CRT, LVDS
Integrated ICH7M 10/100BaseT LAN
AC97, Watchdog timer, PCI to ISA
2x SATA, 4x USB 2.0, 2x COM, 4x PCI


Supports Intel® Core™...

CPU module - ibaPADU-S-IT-16

Process coupling: Modular System
CPU Base Unit

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer: iba AG
Base Unit for the modular I/O system ibaPADU-S
I/O station or stand-alone devise for...

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